Comedy Review: GLASS Showcase

Jim’s Bar QMU, Friday 18th September 

On Friday, QMU welcomed GLASS (Glasgow Stand-up and Sketch) society to the stage with open arms.  The group regularly organise stand-up comedy shows with all-student performers taking to the stage and all levels of experience are welcome.  Even on the Friday of Freshers’ Week, when everyone is stuck in bed nursing their hangovers/freshers’ flue/all of the above, their showcase was packed out.  The three hours of comedy and sketch kicked off in Jim’s Bar, with host, Robert McGovern, providing many amusing segues into the next acts and getting the audience to interact and get involved in the peroformance.  

All of the performers were enjoyable, but there were some who stood out for qmunicate.  James Johnson, the self-confessed ‘Ninja Viking’, relayed the story of his new flatmate (who happened to be sitting in the audience) and how much it annoys him that she has introduced some candles into their bathroom, because it disturbs his bowel movement ritual.  We had never heard such imaginative ways of phrasing that, such as “dropping death charges” and “having a front row seat to chocolate brownie week at the Great British Bake Off”.  Next on was Ryan Fox, who regaled us with the equally hilarious and harrowingly detailed account of how he was approached by a toothless woman at Coloursfest who had a tattoo which said “I  salty balls”.  We can all learn something from this story: never go to Coloursfest.  

After the stand-up comedy, we were treated to several inventive sketches, including one in which a teenage girl admits to her parents that she can no longer go on pretending and that she is, in fact, a conservative, *audience gasps*.  The comics even did a sketch which was totally mimed, which started out sweet enough, but ended in a grizzly way.  A sketch parodying the trials of using self-service checkout also went down extremely well with the audience.

The whole three hour showcase was of a very high standard and GLASS showed that it is a really exciting and rapidly developing society, having already performed at prestigious events such as Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. We’re sure they will go on to do even greater things.

[Eve Lucas]

Photo of Harriet Rafferty, courtesy of Glasgow University – Freshers 2015

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