Arts Review: The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show

Glasgow School of Art, 12-18 September 2015

Last week I attended The Glasgow School of Art’s graduate show. And what an abundance of talent there was on Renfrew Street!

The entire show was well crafted with the Reid building dedicated to the works of the students and transformed into a terrific, open, light exhibition space that really did justice to the spatial arrangements, as well as the design proposals and film and sound projects.

My particular favourite was the short film exhibition the lecture theatre in the basement of the Reid building, where the artistic pieces of the students enjoyed the full attention of the spectators in a dark setting, lending itself well to the soundtrack of each short film. Mark Kelly’s Berlin: A New City Symphony presented a unique depiction on the auditory side of Berlin as a metropolis, as well as a place full of small, intricate spaces, all of which have an individual voice and sound that Kelly managed to capture in an honest, seemingly simple and genuine manner. All of the pieces presented by this year showed that film doesn’t really need dialogue to be captivating and meaningful.

Another impressive asset of the exhibit was the architecture and interior design, namely the melancholic and nostalgic work of Kelly Bohun, who managed to capture the structure and the spirit of the damaged Charles Rennie Mackintosh building of the School of Art. The work itself with its precise lines and ingenious shadowing made it truly jump out of the frame and envelop the onlooker; creating the illusion of actually standing in the middle of this iconic structure.

All in all the Reid building, as well as the McLellan Galleries, housed an exceptional exhibition of the works of fine art, design, sound and film, literature, product design and many others; all of which convinced me that the graduates of  the School of Art are full of enormous creative potential and we can all be proud that we get to experience their talent in our very own city.

Hopefully next year’s collection will offer a similarly impressive range of talent!

[Kristína Čimová]

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