Album Review: CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye

Glasgow’s favourite synth-pop trio are back with album two.  It sounds like their debut, The Bones of What You Believe, if it had spent two years soaking in ‘80s influence and sass.

‘Never Ending Circles’ starts the album as it means to go on, with razor sharp lyrics like “You give me everything I never deserved/This time you know I’ll leave”.  ‘Keep You On My Side’ strays away from the usual Purity Ring and Grimes comparisons and into early 2000s dance music territory.  ‘Make Them Gold’ is a solid pop song about overcoming adversity, or something equally empowering.  ‘Clearest Blue’ is the high point of ‘Every Open Eye’ with a slow build of melody lines over verses and mystical lyrics like, “light is all over us, like it always was”.

Chvrches are sticking to the formula that works for them so well: tunes that indie kids know how to move to, belonging somewhere between the basements of Sauchiehall Street bars and the dancefloors of international night clubs.  As Lauren Mayberry takes down pop culture misogyny one interview at a time, Chvrches’ expanding audience allows this album the level of mainstream attention it deserves.

[Ellen MacAskill]

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