Live Review: DMA’S


Despite repeated comparisons to The Stone Roses and Oasis, Sydney garage pop trio DMA’S succeeds in creating its own image and generating its own energy, as their Glaswegian audience could testify on Sunday night.

Broadcast’s small basement venue goes hand in hand with the band’s appealing Madchester-inspired aesthetics, its members decked out in Adidas performance gear, confidently taking the stage, Beck’s on hand, with no hint of perceivable intimidation or nervousness.  The moody red and blue toned hues of the lighting start building up the atmosphere and ambience of the night as Johnny Took’s dusty vocals escorted by the guitar riff and feverish drums finishes off fueling the furious fire of the spirited and stoked crowd.

The show is a blast of raw, sincere interactions from band to audience and vice-versa.  Each member possesses some kind of interaction with those gathered and is a star of his own.  The crowd may be relatively small but they’re still very much involved, extremely responsive to every uttered word and every played note.

The live rendition of the songs seems to project and render emotion to its utmost degree.  The expression of the band’s core essence is fully palpable in its live setting, as received by the appreciative crowd.  The band’s energy fully develops and smoothly hits the goose bumps.  Recent single ‘Lay Down’ is greeted by frantic shouts.

The melodies are ushered through the venue, washing over the audience with every song, leaving a more and more impressive sensation with each lyric. We might as well have just found ourselves in the band’s living room back in Newton, Sydney.  Throughout the gig the vibe remains intimate and chilled, unperturbed.  Even in the face of technical setbacks, microphones needing much adjusting and even ceasing to function at one point, the band remains cool-headed, carrying on playing.

DMA’S deliver a fresh, exciting, tremendously impressive performance, giving the sensation of a familiar reunion. The end product is the distinctive feeling the band just came here to do what they enjoy — and rightfully so.

[Candice Walker]

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