Album Review: !!! – As If

The world’s most ungoogleable band !!! (usually pronounced ‘Chk Chk Chk’, but can apparently represent any monosyllable repeated thrice) return with As If, which continues Ding Ding Ding’s process of phasing out the punk from their unique brand of ‘dance punk’.  

The result is perfectly danceable club music, but is rather toothless compared to Wub Wub Wub’s previous albums, renowned for mixing dance with genres as diverse as post-punk, disco, jazz, soul and Afrobeat. 

 Hur Hur Hur have stripped As If down to standard, pulsating dance rhythms, which limits the music to stagnant structure with little sense of fun.  Most of the songs are 4-minute, boilerplate dance music; the song that deviates most from the norm is the final track, ‘I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)’, which clocks in at eight minutes, but unlike their earlier, more lengthy songs, there’s no sense of experimentation or spontaneity.  

It’s far too repetitive, and gets annoying after the first couple of minutes.  Hopefully Choo Choo Choo soon realise that what they’re moving away from is what made them great in the first place.

[Matthew Hayhow]

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