Album review: Dråpe – Relax/Relapse


Hailing from Oslo, Norway,  Dråpe (pronounced Draw-peh) make really quite beautiful dream-pop with overtones of mesmerising psychedelia and slashes of electronica.  Returning with their sophomore effort after a selection of EP releases and their debut album in 2013, which saw them leaning towards the more experimental/noisy end of the music spectrum, they’re back with an entirely new direction.  

This effort sees the young Norwegians blending rousing synths with delicate guitars and the spectacular vocals of lead singer Ketil Myhre which combine to create a quite superb sonic cauldron akin to The Flaming Lips or Cocteau Twins.  The record starts off properly (after intro track ‘Relax’) with ‘Replica’ – a whirlwind of dreamy riffs and swirling keyboards which could fit on any Tame Impala release.  Lead single ‘Pie in the Sky’ is a delicate mix of sweet, 60s pop guitar lines with Myhre’s stunning, uplifting vocals full of summery goodness.  ‘Round and Around’ sounds akin to Beach House, full of glistening, super-dreamy guitar and keyboard effects with a degree of nonchalant cool.  The final track, ‘Relapse’, is a very strong finish to the 10 track album; complete with unexpected but gratifying My Bloody Valentineesque riffs.  Clocking in at the 36 minute mark, this is a quick visit to the quirky minds of Dråpe but it’s a charming effort, surely providing many hours of nostalgia for long summer days during the dark depths of the Norwegian/Glaswegian winter.

[Ross McMichael]

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