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Even before the show starts it’s obvious that tonight is going to be special: not only is it the Wakefield trio’s first visit to Glasgow since their new album For All My Sisters came out earlier this year but also the frontmen Ryan and Gary Jarman’s 35th birthday.  And is there any better way to celebrate than in front of a jam-packed Barrowlands, one of the “best venues of the world” according to the band?  Probably not.

Before the three brothers even set foot on stage the first pints start flying through the ai and as the first note of ‘Ancient History’ strikes, the eager crowd is right with them – singing along, shouting and jumping around – not to mention numerous early crowd surfers.

The catchy riff and typically soaring sing along-chorus make it a perfect number to start the set.  The few people not fully convinced during the first couple of minutes are hastily converted when The Cribs storm straight into ’I’m a Realist’, slowly transforming the audience into a sweaty, beer-soaked mess.

Beginning their tour just the night before in Newcastle, this is only the second time The Cribs have played their new songs live.  As expected, their new album is heavily featured tonight,  but almost all of the songs receive the same loud and joyful sing-along response.

About halfway through the set, Ross, the youngest Jarman brother, who usually keeps to the background apart from the moments stood atop his drumkit, announces that it’s his twins’ Ryan birthday – an announcement inevitably followed by an enthusiastic ‘Happy Birthday’.  Another notable moment happens during a short break in the set, when the crowd suddenly start to chant the guitar riff to ‘Another Number’, originally not on tonight’s setlist.

Spontaneous as ever, though, the brothers jump straight into the 2004 debut album track without a moment’s hesitation.

The Cribs aren’t the kind of band known for their extraordinary stage performances and big speeches, but what makes them still worth seeing live over and over again after all these years and six albums are their energetic vibes on stage and the ability to turn an ordinary concert venue into a huge party.  And this doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

[Sarah Stockinger]

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