Top 5 Views in Glasgow

Top 5: Views in Glasgow

When I went to the USA on holiday last summer, my little brother had a to-do list of as many as three things: to shoot with a gun (‘just because I can’), to go to Walmart (‘because they have EVERYTHING, they even sell guns!’) and to get to the highest level of a very tall skyscraper (‘because: selfies’).

You might take a guess which of these three he didn’t actually do, but he was definitely right about the selfies when you’re that high up in the air. It looks like you’re flying! And I think it’s even better to take regular pictures of the other skyscrapers that look dwarfed, or the impossibly tiny human beings and cars. In Glasgow, we don’t have any towers of steel that provide a marvellous view like this. Fortunately, I’d say, because otherwise the view from every other place in the city would be spoiled. And these are pretty good. But where to go for the best view?


Relive some of the Halloween spirit at this incredible graveyard over at the East End. Broad lanes, lined with ancient, monumental graves, wind up a hill, where you will be treated with a wonderful view over the city. The contrast between the majestic cathedral and the hideous hospital is especially interesting to spot.

view from Necropolis

The Lighthouse

No hiking through lanes here: escalators get you to the top of the Lighthouse, the national centre for design and architecture. While making your way to the top, you can pop into their galleries with lovely, small exhibitions about design; get to know more about Mackintosh and his work or have a cuppa in the café on the fifth floor. But you’re obviously here for the view: right in the middle of the city you can see almost all the way round.

In front of the university

You have probably walked there a dozen times, going to and from lectures, without taking a proper look at the view. The majestic towers of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the patchwork of orange, yellow, gold and green of Kelvingrove Park and even the windmills on the hills in the distance are all to be seen when you stand in front of the university. When you’re there, wait till dusk sets in. A truly wonderful show of colours will appear before you in the sky.

The top floor of the university library

When you desperately have to get work done, it is not recommended to get a spot on the top floor of the library, because all you will be looking at is the terrific view. The scaffolding around the University Tower slightly spoils it, but you can always imagine it to be a highly modern work of architecture representing the juxtaposition of tradition and innovation. Right? Or just stare at the clouds.

The window of my flat in Firhill Court

From the window in my kitchen, I can see the University Tower and multiple other towers, as well as the hills and, of course, lots of houses. You’re always welcome to come and visit our charming flat (well, maybe not all of you…), but when you take a look out of your own window the view is probably just as good. Or simply look around you when you’re walking in a park or up a street. You don’t have to be on top of a skyscraper to enjoy everything that surrounds you.

view from Aike's flat
[Aike Jansen]

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