Film Review: All About Them

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All About Them (À trois on y va) is about a love triangle. Micha and Charlotte have been together for a few years now, but there is a tension in the air. Conversation is lacking and they do not have sex like they used to.

Mutual friend Mélodie complicates matters for the couple when Charlotte begins an affair with her, only for this to be supplemented by Micha also having an affair with her.

On the surface, the playful scenes where Mélodie is secretly meeting with one of them only to be almost caught by the other are endearing, but at its heart, All About Them is about youth, spontaneity, and not knowing what the hell is going on.

Each character may be morally questionable, but no one in the trio is acting out of malice. Charlotte is a sad person, and Micha is frustrated, while Mélodie’s job causes her to be emotionally exhausted. Her work as a lawyer, defending perverts and other criminals, requires her to get the truth out of her client, which juxtaposes her independent scheming to be able to see both Micha and Charlotte.

The movie would not work if the trio were not in their mid-20s. If this occurred at middle age you would want them all to stop acting like children, but their youthful confusion and impulsive actions are almost celebrated. There are no questions here regarding sexual orientation or polyamory – Mélodie and Charlotte having sexual encounters is shown as is, without any discussions about sexuality.

Anaïs Demoustier was absolutely captivating earlier this year in The New Girlfriend, and she continues that here as Mélodie. She shows a professional and sensual woman, who is good at a job which can upset her, and has a good heart even if she is sleeping with two people in the same relationship.

The viewer is required to do a lot of the work as the movie reaches its climax. Without questioning sexuality or relationship dynamics, you are left to fill in the blanks and do some digging to find the depth of each character. Charlotte’s sadness is left unexplored, why Micha and Charlotte’s relationship is failing is never fully explained, and Mélodie’s motives for becoming involved with both are not given enough time.

Still, it is a fun little movie, and if you put in the effort, there are some interesting things happening below the surface.

[Scott Wilson – @HeartofFire]

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