Live Review: Save the Children Concert


It isn’t every day that one gets to see some of the best Scottish bands perform on stage in one evening.  Thus, the charity concert organised by Save the Children was a dazzling opportunity to appreciate Scottish bands while standing up for the protection and help provided to children migrants.  All the artists performed for free and allowed a whopping fundraising of £15,000 in one night.

The gig opens on a performance of a rare energy by Edinburgh-based hip-hop band Young Fathers, for the least unexpected by the rather middle-aged audience, nevertheless compelled by the rawness and passion that emanate from their music and lyrics –an effective warm up for the crowd ahead of the Glaswegian grand cru that is to follow.
Once again, Mogwai is faithful to their ghostly, surreal style.  A delightfully haunting atmosphere clings to the whole performance, somewhat halfway between a post-apocalyptic lullaby and a rock anthem.
Led by zealous front-man Alex Kapranos’ clear and enthusiastic singing, Franz Ferdinand bring an electrifying vibe to the concert, getting the crowd to sing along most of the songs performed, and frantically chanting ‘Take Me Out’.  

Belle & Sebastian finally take over the stage with an ease that comes with twenty years of experience.  Obviously enjoying being here, the band performs some of their hits, old and new, to the engrossed crowd, treating the fans like old friends with a charismatic and outgoing fervor.  Charismatic singer Stuart Murdoch defies the orders of the security and invites everyone to come and dance in front of the stage, waltzing himself amongst the ever-growing crowd.  Belle and Sebastian’s performance is all about love: love they communicate to the crowd, love from the audience.  A peak is reached with the amazing revival of ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ performed by both Belle and Sebastian and special guests Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds.  

The gig put forth some of the best that the modern music scene in Scotland has to offer and all the artists left the crowd madly shouting for encores, all whilst rallying up well-needed funds for a good cause.

[Gabrielle Lucie]

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