Don’t let your Inner Wean Wane!

So, you’ve started uni. Maybe you’ve moved into halls or got your first flat and have bills to pay now. You make your own food and wash your own clothes (or at least attempt to). You clean your own bathroom! You choose your own bedtime! This is it kid, you’re officially All Grown Up.

There can feel like a lot of pressure to get your life together and transform into an adult over your time at university, and sometimes it might feel like everyone around you has it all figured out. Before you know it, your friends who were dating are moving in together, they’re graduating and getting jobs, some of them might even be having children. So in those times where you’re feeling decidedly un-grown up, when you’ve had to google exactly what those wee symbols on the labels of your clothes mean before you wash them or when you’ve had cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we at qmunicate have some words of wisdom for you: don’t worry about it.

Yes, you may have to try and act sort of like an adult sometimes. However, it’s not time to totally abandon your inner child just yet, if that time ever comes at all. There are a number of things you can turn to if everything gets a bit much and you want to revert back to being five years old. Stress relieving colouring books have become massively popular and are perfect for a bit of child-like chilling out, and Netflix has a myriad of ‘kids’ films for nostalgic nights in. You can even head to Glasgow’s own indoor trampoline park to bounce your troubles away for a couple of hours with some friends, or take a trip to the Science Centre for a hands-on fun day out.

Adulthood is, quite frankly, terrifying, so don’t panic if it feels like you’re not quite there yet. Instead, why not stick on your favourite Disney film and get cosy with an old cuddly toy – that pile of reading can probably wait for a few more hours.

[Hannah Burke – @hannahcburke_]

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