Red cups and white coats

Starbucks have been causing quite a stir recently on social media. Is it due to their blatant tax avoidance? The fact they were – until sued – giving a cut of baristas’ tips to shift supervisors? No. It’s because of their cups.

Every year, come Christmas/November time, Starbucks churn out thousands of Christmassy red cups to add some ‘festive cheer’ to people’s morning coffee. “Not this year!” the Christian Starbucks-goers cry. Some throughout the UK and America have deemed this year’s minimalist brand of red cups ‘anti-Christian’. Why? Because these cups are not emblazoned with the usual snowflakes and Christmas trees of previous years. According to them, these cups represent a general ‘phasing out’ of Christmas from American society and are an attack on the good God-fearing Christians who wish to buy Starbucks coffee.

“What did they do about this?” you might ask. Did they stage a protest? A boycott? Perhaps they egged Starbucks stores? Well you’d be wrong there. The movement, sparked by one man’s vine, entailed – wait for it – buying LOADS of Starbucks. Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Thousands of Christians flocked to Starbucks to order coffee. Their aim? To force baristas to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on the plain red cups in place of their names.

I had to re-read many articles to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. Sadly, they weren’t. People across the country gave Starbucks loads of money in order to ‘take a stance’ against this ‘abomination’. I’m not sure I quite understand the aim of this… but I guess it’s what makes them happy. They’ve succeeded in giving Starbucks loads of publicity, loads of money and made absolutely no negative impact.

Congrats guys, you did good.  

[Chloe Tobin-Kemmer – @CTobinKemmer]

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  1. Maybe this is just me (and everybody I’ve asked), but I’ve seen a hell of a lot more outrage directed at the people who are outraged about the Starbucks cups than I have outrage directed at the Starbucks cups. In fact I do not know one single person who cares about the Starbucks cups, and I know *lot* of Christians.

    This seems like one of those things where the backlash is enormously bigger than the thing which sparked it, because everybody like to indulge in feeling smarter than stupid people.

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