Raining Cats and Dogs: Such a Bad Thing?


The red cups are out, the supermarkets are trying to be emotional and Mariah is getting ready to earn her annual royalties cheque; whether you like it or not Christmas is on its way and Winter is Coming.

However, with a month of stressful and sleepless nights still looming ahead as exams and deadlines draw ever closer, at times even Miss Carey’s sparkling top notes can fail to lift your dampened spirits. Yet have no fear for I have a solution, and it’s not in that mug of mulled wine or at the bottom of those Celebrations, it’s an altogether fluffier, more four-legged way of relieving your wintery woes: the answer is pets.

In recent years studies have shown that positive interaction with pets can significantly reduce stress levels in humans by increasing our production of the hormone oxytocin and decreasing our levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Clearly then when we’re feeling the strain of study season we should try spending some time with our beloved dogs or cats (other pets are available), but for those of us who live away from home it’s not that easy.

In the past I’ve been known to try and tackle this obstacle by befriending local cats (look for Murano Cat on Facebook) with varying degrees of success but if you want an easier way to make pet pals, and fancy a break from studying, then make sure to get down to the QMU on December 9th for our Campaigns and Charities Committees’ annual Therapets Day where Paws Against Stress will be bringing a whole load of furry friends for you to get to know and hopefully help ease your study stress! Even if pets or Christmas aren’t your thing, my advice is to remember that unlike Glasgow’s winter, exams can’t last forever. 

Link To Therapets

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