Top 5: Secret Veggie and Vegan Eateries

Life as a veggie or a vegan is extremely rewarding… that is until your family, who just LOVE to discuss your ‘picky’ eating habits, ask you out for dinner. But no longer must you tentatively ask to visit a vegan or veggie specific location as I’ve scouted out the top 5 places with unexpectedly veggie/vegan friendly menus.


Located on the 2nd floor of the QMU, Scran has a specific menu for vegans and veggies and even offer to make a vegan meal of your request if you’re willing to wait a little longer.  Personal highlights include the vegan bean and mushroom chilli as well as the veggie stir fry. Plus Scran is very friendly towards your bank account!

… Nandos

No, I’m not joking. When I went for the first time as an apprehensive veggie with my family, I found the vegetarian options to be very choicey and extremely tasty! Arguably there’s more choice than the meat eaters since you can choose form halloumi, portobello mushroom and a few different veggie burgers as opposed to simply chicken.


Las Iguanas

Another establishment with a specific vegan and vegetarian menu, they offer to vegan-ise many meals and mark this on the menu specifically. So no need to feel a little awkward for making requests!



Ever feel just a tiny bit jealous when your pals get that nice greasy fast-food fix after a night out? Hooked is a fish n chip shop that offers vegetarian and vegan substitutes, including a Linda McCartney sausage supper!


Hillhead Bookclub

Yes yes I know – if you’ve been at Glasgow Uni for a while you’ve probably sussed this out. But for those that don’t, Bookclub advocate that vegetarian meals shouldn’t be limited in choice. The few times I’ve been there they’ve offered to vegan-ise my meals when I’ve requested no cheese, showing they’re eager to please our herbivore tummies.


[Chiara Bullen –@bullieob]

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