Album Review: The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful

Try to be Hopeful’ is Edinburgh band The Spook School’s second full-length album, released on Fortuna POP!. They’ve been doing their DIY queer punk thing around the Scottish scene for a while now.

Everything about The Spook School, from the cheery grins, in their press photos, to lyrics like “I wanna kiss him/I wanna kiss her/I wanna run my fingers through your hair” is adorable. These endearing qualities take nothing away from the strength of their music and message. The brilliant trans anthem, ‘Binary’, declares “You are not a computer/you are complex and undefined so/why let yourself be limited to binary desires?” ‘Burn Masculinity’ is another obvious hit, with its misandrist message seeping through a sugary singalong chorus. They seem like they’d be great chat in the pub.

All four members contribute to the writing and different members, including Nye Todd, take turns on the mic, so the sound feels fresh and unexpected on each track.

For fans of Joanna Gruesome, Tuff Love, and smashing patriarchy on the dancefloor.

[Ellen MacAskill – @ejdmacaskill]

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