Arts Review: Snow White

Dir. Eric Potts, Kings Theatre, 4th Dec – 10th Jan 2015/16

I last saw a pantomime about a decade ago, but Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a fantastic way to get back into the tradition. With music, humour and dancing for all generations, it is not just ‘a kid’s show’ but truly is a family show.

The story follows the well known fairytale. Set in the mythical kingdom of Caledonia, Jenny Douglas plays Snow White, the kind and gentle princess of the land, and stepdaughter to Queen Morgiana (played by Balamory’s Juliet Cadzow), the extremely vain and cruel queen. Cadzow is an excellent villain, with fabulous flair and a fantastic stage presence, while Douglas played the role of the lovable princess perfectly, falling into the hearts of all the children watching.

Capital Radio’s Des Clarke as Muddles, Snow White’s energetic and loyal friend, was a stand-out performance with his ability to get the audience involved, and provided great comic timing. Hector the Henchman, played by Gregor Fisher, was another key asset to the performance and, although some of the jokes were a little stale and childish, the script was greatly enjoyed by the children in the audience, who roared with laughter each time.

The music ranged from the contemporary, with the likes of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, to older classics such as a Madness mash-up and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Each song was accompanied by amazing choreography – the opening number, in particular, had an elegantly beautiful dance routine. Unfortunately, a large number of the songs did lack the same standard of choreography, but were still enjoyable regardless.

The opening number not only had beautiful choreography, but also beautiful costumes to match. The villagers’ costumes were absolutely stunning – I personally wanted to wear one of the detailed, beautiful dresses.

Creating a festive show that is suitable for all ages is difficult, but this production was truly something that the whole family can enjoy.


[Fatmata Durkin]


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