Party Music Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Yasmina Todd offers pearls of wisdom on what to play at parties

Far too many of us have been to parties where the music was shi- sorry, substandard.  Whether it’s because the host was too lazy to make a playlist or the one really drunk guy now fancies himself a DJ, our ears have been suffering for too long and it’s time to put an end to this! Here are some Dos and Don’ts so you can be a perfect guest when it comes to party music etiquette.

DON’T: change the song every 30 seconds. There is nothing quite as irritating as finally getting into the groove of a song and it suddenly stops because someone couldn’t wait another minute. Have the courtesy to wait until the end the current song to change the music.

DON’T: put on something that nobody else knows. This is not the time to prove you’re some hipster god/dess. The whole point of a party is so that everyone can have fun, and if you’re the only one that can enjoy a song then you may as well have your headphones on.

DON’T: touch someone else’s iPod/phone/music playing device without their permission, especially if you don’t know them. Always ask!

So what should you do?

DO: match your selection to the musical preferences of those at your gathering. Whether this means death metal or Taylor Swift, it doesn’t matter as long there’s a general consensus of contentment.  No point playing some ska in a roomful of hip-hop fanatics.

DO: prepare a playlist with some scope. This mostly applies to parties where you don’t know what people are into.  A bit lost? Queen, Abba, Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles are always a good place to start. Otherwise Spotify does a cracking “Songs to sing in the shower” playlist.

Now that you’re equipped with the musical know-how, go forth and sing along to your favourite anthems with your friends! Hopefully The Smiths eloquent words of “Hang the DJ” won’t be on anyone’s mind any more.
[Yasmina Todd]

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