Live Review: Ghostpoet

The Art School, 25/11

Obaro Ejimiwe is a big guy, and his voice sounds like a lighthouse out in a choppy sea. And with song titles like ‘Cash and Carry Me Home’, you know you’re in for a real treat.

The Art School knows what’s up. When he rumbles up onto the stage his figure looms over the crowd and the huge “GHOSTPOET” flag hung behind him frames his silhouette. Most of his tracks are pretty dark and deep, with inwardly thick basslines and synth tracks. Couple that with harsh, real, day-to-day lyrics about catching the train, mum calling you telling you to sort it out, and grey hairs. It’s real poetry that’s got such a sting to it – you’re still thinking about snippets of them in the morning. Some of his songs could be described as slurred raps: he does reel off these analyses of the daily commute or nightclubs in quick succession and you do have to take a look at the lyrics yourself to get a real understanding of what it’s all about.

His music does follow the usual rock genre build, and playing with a live band allows him to have some more interesting segments live, with guitar solos and breakdowns you wouldn’t get if you’d just checked him out online. And (to my surprise) it works really well: It doesn’t take long to get into the groove and just pull out shapes.  Ghostpoet has a lot of stage presence. He’s talkative and engaging, building enough of a connection with the crowd to feel some sense of camaraderie. After the gig he’s talking with some of the fans beside the merch stand and has a couple of drinks. He really is invested in his own following and is extremely approachable. He also has some great dance moves reminiscent of Thom Yorke in the ‘Lotus Flower’ music video.

He really is worth a listen, and if you’re into it, check him out live. Not to be missed for fans of electronic music and grime.

[Evan Osborne]


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