Live Review: Flo Morrissey


20 year old singer-songwriter Flo Morrissey is not related to the frontman of The Smiths, yet you can tell she’s on her way to a successful career as well; she’s already performed at Glastonbury and tonight’s gig closes her UK tour. Morrissey makes a discreet, almost awkward entry, greets the audience timidly and starts her set straight away.

Far from being destabilised by the surprising and disappointing low turnout of the audience, Flo Morrissey starts her set with a contrasting self-assurance to her shy looks, only accompanied by her guitar. She is fairy-like with her long hair, fair skin, freckles and sweet smile. The first songs are her most famous ones, including ‘Pages of Gold’, with which she suddenly plunges the still and quiet spectators into a state of admiration. Her voice is high and gorgeous, yet it seems so fragile and on the verge of breaking – but it never does, taking the audience to a secret world. A Lana Del Rey vibe definitely clings to her voice and lyrics, albeit she manages to create a universe of her own.

Always smiling, she is apparently enjoying herself and the cosy feel of the venue. The singer performs a unique cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Yes I’m Changing’, more mellifluous but just as dreamy as the original, before leaving her guitar and sitting at the piano for a few songs from her album. The most striking thing about Flo is her ability to sing effortlessly high with lots of vocal nuances. Although her music is undoubtedly beautiful and timeless, the whole lacks diversity, musically speaking. Most of the songs are about love and sound like angelic lullabies which seem to make the audience rather drowsy near the end.

She ends her concert on a positive note, performing ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’, which is also the title of her album, a mere anthem for the future. She sings almost permanently eyes-closed, as if in a trance. Paradoxically, this enhances her very strong presence, which makes her captivating to watch. Flo Morrissey really inhabits the music she creates.

[Gabrielle Gonçalves]

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