Live Review: Superfood

 KING TUT’S – 1/12

Combining the best of Blur’s sharp Britpop and the Madchester groove of The Charlatans, Superfood look like a shoo-in for a much needed lifting of spirits after my ceiling sprung a leak and brought me back to the age of the cave dweller. Did they succeed?

Well, sort of. I last saw Superfood supporting Temples at The Arches and they brought a completely unexpected burst of energy, musicianship and fun to the brick walled tube hosting the fairly uninspiring Temples.

Supporting Superfood at King Tut’s were Dundee based band Home$lice who while drawing heavy on 80’s indie giants The Cure and The Smiths managed to create quite a dynamic and impressive sound. King Tut’s usual 18+ door policy had been reduced to 14+ leaving the building exposed to may a souped-up young critter. It was this demographic of the crowd who brought an unforeseen tempest of shaky limbs as Superfood came onto the stage, forming precarious dance circles where many a secondary school shape was thrown.

The band themselves looked a lot more worn out than their last Glasgow outing. While consistently musically accomplished the band only really picked up in energy with new song ‘Funny Little Spider’ a funky base lead number with some retro electric organ which was swiftly followed by a heap of new material that showcased the Motown flexibility of new drummer Jamie seemed and trod the familiar path of the precise stomping dance rock of Franz Ferdinand. ‘Principles’ is probably their strongest new song, synthesising Superfood’s typical shimmering quiet moments with funky bubbly keyboards.

The band came to a quick close with a laid back take on their eponymous track, throwing in some staccato bursts of lead guitar in the verse that showed they were now perhaps relaxing more into the gig. Descending into gravelly dissonant vibration the band called it a day after forty minutes. Short and Sweet. Certainly short but maybe not as sweet as I was hoping for.

Seeing Superfood last year as a young band building on the fortunate and well-deserved hype around them it seems that maybe they haven’t quite kept up the momentum. However, they’re still a solid band making catchy danceable indie rock that I’m sure will return to good form.
[Josh Dodds]

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