Live Review: Dead Soul

ABC – 18/12/15

How do you possibly become touring buddies with a band fronted by a demonic Pope figure? Firstly, dress all in black. On top of that, exude the same dark swagger and undeniable sexuality that makes for a pulsing industrial show that compliments the Black Sabbath-meets-Abba tunes of their gig partners.

Dead Soul make the kind of music you would get if you crossed late-80s Nine Inch Nails with Queens of the Stone Age and the True Blood theme song. Just from listening to them you can smell alcohol and the warmth of the Deep South (despite hailing from Sweden).

Frontman Anders Landelius is an imposing and cool figure, with shades and hat, stoic and commanding. His voice fits the mix of influences so well, and it is no surprise he was raised on old school rock and roll.

The electronic beats chug along with live guitars, and the repetition builds up the momentum. By the end of the excellent ‘Do Your Job’, everyone knows the words, and you feel it could go on for ten minutes and lose none of its simple energy. ‘Lost My Will’ follows a similar structure, but sounds even more suited to an old timey western than the Clutch-esque ‘Do Your Job.’

There is something so basic about Dead Soul, in the same way that has made superstars of AC/DC, that makes them impossible to dislike. Catchy, easy to remember, and effortlessly cool, they require little effort to enjoy and make everyone want to dance. Awesome show from a band still in its early days.

[Scott Wilson – @HeartofFire]

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