Album Review: Jo Mango & Friends – Wrack Lines


To say that an album works really well as background music isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and especially not when it comes to the rather lovely EP Wrack Lines by Jo Mango & Friends. This fascinating Scottish alt-folk artist has teamed up with some of the best singer-songwriters from this country to bring us a quietly evocative collection of songs full of delightful interplaying vocals.

The story of the EP’s creation makes the songs even more meaningful: the musicians have been tracking their movements – often featuring too many plane flights – across the festival season, and explore their travelling lifestyles in their music. This is referenced in the title of the EP, Wrack Lines referring to the lines of foam left by waves on the beach. It relates to travelling along the ocean but also points out the waste we leave behind us with everything we do.  

Although there are some more robust and brighter bits that jump out, Wrack Lines is a wonderful EP that you can easily lose yourself in.

[Aike Jansen]

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