Live Review: The Temperance Movement


After wading through a sea of leather and denim jackets, qmunicate manages to find a spot in front of the stage. While waiting for The Temperance Movement, a quick look around the room brings wonder and confusion. Immediately noticeable is the overwhelming number of middle-aged men and women.

There is also a surprising lack of under 25s that usually pervade concerts in Glasgow. This, admittedly, creates a slightly uneasy feeling. However, that doesn’t take long to dissipate as the beauty of the Barrowland Ballroom takes over. Not only does the exterior display get you excited before you’ve even gone in, but the concert hall’s ceiling is covered in pretty multicoloured stars that glow under certain lights.

The band open with ‘Three Bullets’ and the audience immediately perks up. The Glaswegian frontman, Phil Campbell, takes the stage sporting a green and white varsity style jacket and silver aviators, giving himself a very rock’n’roll image. This could have been seen as very pretentious but his incredible sexy, hoarse voice allows him to pull it off. Not even halfway through the first song, it’s clear that this is going to be a great concert. Campbell’s energy is inexhaustible as he dances around the stage spasmodically from beginning to end. His enthusiasm for his hometown is displayed as he has to ask a couple of people at the front to stop fighting, but then smiles and says “I wouldn’t expect any less. I love it, Glasgow.”

The audience also prove to be enjoying themselves by chanting along during ‘Modern Massacre’ and ‘Only Friend’, the latter being one of the true highlights. What’s also lovely is the mix between fast, exciting songs and very mellow, romantic ones such as “I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind”, “A Pleasant Peace I Feel” and “Lovers and Fighters”, which feature great guitar solos as well.

After an extended encore and many bows the bands leave the stage, and one is left with a feeling that rock’n’roll hasn’t died and lives on in bands like The Temperance Movement.

[Yasmina Todd]

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