LP Review: Folly & The Hunter- Awake


Folly & The Hunter move towards a more upbeat, poppy version of indie/folk with their third album Awake. The Montréal-based multi-instrumentalist band describes their new stuff as “more to the point, clearer”, in comparison to the downbeat, ambient collection of songs on the first two albums. Fortunately, there are still some folky aspects present, such as the horns in ‘Breath’ that remind me of Bear’s Den.

The title-song ‘Awake’, the first song of the album, immediately fills your heart with its atmospheric melodies and captivating backing vocals. Lead vocalist’s Nick Vallee has a slightly hoarse, but overall very pleasant voice reminiscent of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. Rhythmic drums feature throughout the whole album, connecting the soft and soothing songs to the more upbeat.

Although the songs are slightly predictable sometimes, Folly & The Hunter don’t get boring. They take you on a gentle journey through delicate pop soundscapes, and although it’s straightforward, it’s very pleasing to listen to.

[Aike Jansen]


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