The Academy Awards 2016: Liveblog

It is the best/worst night of the year to be a fan of the ol’ pictures.

The stars are out, the red carpet is at its reddest, and Leo DiCaprio is preparing yet another victory speech. Perhaps this year we will actually get to hear it!

Taking you through to the small hours, Scott and Emma are back after the craziness of 2015’s ceremony to complain, rejoice, and hope that Alejandro G Inarritu doesn’t release a film next year so that something we actually like can win.


5:12 S – To round off a surprisingly great ceremony, here’s the important information. Mad Max Fury Road was the big winner of the night with 6 Oscars, followed by The Revenant with 3 (including two of the top four in best actor and best director) and Spotlight with 2, including the top award for best picture. No other winner received more than one. We take this to be a good, nice thing because it means lots of films won, and lots of films were very deserving. Carol, Sicario, and Steve Jobs are big snubs for me, but with Ex Machina winning something it almost makes up for it. Mark Rylance winning best supporting actor was also a bit of a surprise over the Oscar story narrative of Sylvester Stallone, but incredibly deserved for his performance in Bridge of Spies.

Chris Rock’s hosting was top quality, entertaining, and fast-paced. Much better than Neil Patrick Harris last year. He addressed the issues of #OscarsSoWhite but never felt so angry that it became uncomfortable. He was funny and scathing, but overall positive that by drawing attention to it, change will come.

Louis CK has to have been the best guest host. I would like to see him be the main host next year.

Jacob Tremblay has so many cute moments throughout that he’ll be all over Tumblr in gif form. The high five to Brie Larson when she won best actress was a highlight.

This has been a lot of fun, and I’ll leave my part of the liveblog by saying that Spotlight was my favourite film of the last year. I am happy the Oscars have chosen to honour a film that champions proper investigative journalism without having to amp it up in a Hollywood fashion. It is a plodding and deliberately paced film, that starts off as it means to go on. People talk, and they keep talking until they have the full story. They do their job and reveal something that is in the public interest. It is an incredible film, and for me, it is the best film of this year. My other favourites, Mad Max and Inside Out, both received the awards they deserved. I am signing off at almost half five as a very satisfied film fan who thinks this was a great ceremony, and I can’t wait til 2017’s.

5:05 S – Heart still pounding. Screamed so fucking loud. So proud of Spotlight. Amazing, so amazing. So happy!

5:01 E – Someone gif that Michael Keaton Fuck Yeah immediately. Spotlight Wins best picture, cheers resound out of at least one Glasgow flat, Mark Ruffalo gets to be on the stage. All is right in the world (except it isn’t and that’s the point of the film, but ya know.)


4:56 E – IT HAPPENED. Leo sprints to the stage on the off chance they meant to give his award to Mad Max. They can’t take it away once he’s got it in his hands. Glad this wasn’t his Zoolander moment.

4:54 E – It’s happening… is it? Is this finally it?

4:49 E – Envy Adams just won an Oscar. 18 year old me is bouncing. 23 year old me is too tired to bounce, but she’s pretty darn jazzed. Go Larson!

4:46 E – Mad that we’re looking at a category with Cate Blanchett in it and no one is expecting her to win at all.

4:38 E – Inarritu wins Best Director two years in a row. Expected, but we are disappointed. He don’t give a shit about the orchestra though, they’re playing themselves out.
“That the colour of our skin becomes as irrelevant as the length of our hair” might be one of the lines of the night though.

4:35 S- Four left. This is where it all goes downhill and The Revenant takes three of the next four.

4:28 E – Sam Smith would be SRC.

4:23 E – Ennio Morricone giving us hope that we could still win an Oscar in our lifetimes if we’ve got until we’re 87.

4:15 E – Huge improvement on last year when Gaga did Mary Poppins though. Never forget.

4:12 S – Joe Biden from out of nowhere to talk about sexual assault and the importance of consent on college campuses. Check it out at Now Lady Gaga is here.

4:08 S – Son of Saul takes best foreign language film, but it’s fine because Mustang took the Glasgow Film Festival Audience Award.

4:05 S – Jacob Tremblay does deserve award recognition but he’s too young to let this part of the industry mess him up. Got such a bright future ahead. His “Thanks Chris, I liked you in Madagascar” was so adorable.

4:01 S – The problem with Mad Max winning six awards, and Spotlight, Mark Rylance, and Ex Machina picking up Oscars too, is that I am starting to believe Mad Max can win best picture. I am setting myself up for disappointment.

3:58 E – Alan Rickman bewitched our senses and ensnared our minds.

3:57 E – The Guardian called it. Dave Grohl IS the new Bette Midler.

3:54 E – “Is she the president? Is she black? Ha.” Scott sums up the whole o#oscarssowhite controversy. Cheryl Boone Issacs making a stellar speech though.

3:44 E – Amy wins Best Documentary Feature. Deserved, but a surprise?

3:43 E – Other highlights so far include cornflakes and opening the bourbon biscuits.

3:40 E – Can’t pick a favourite part out of Louis CK’s speech. Best Documentary Short goes to Mad Max… No, to A Girl in The River. A film that is making actual changes to real life law and helping people. 10/10. Even if the Oscar is the nicest thing the makers will ever own.

3:31 E- Cheers for our second favourite Mark, winning Best Supporting Actor. Aren’t you worried facing up against Sylvester Stallone, everyone asked him. Would it help? Nah.Go Rylance. You deserved that.

3:29 E – If Mark Ruffalo doesn’t win Best Supporting Actor qmunicate would like to award  him our Best Unproblematic Fave, Most Calming Angry Presence and Cutest awards. Heart eyes emoji.

3:12 S – Disney and Pixar are pretty untouchable in the best animated category, for better or worse, but Inside Out really is a masterpiece. Should be up for best picture.

3:10 E – “this is the first Oscar for our Country” – the orchestra starts up. Heartless. Someone had a talking to them after last year. I’m looking at you, JK.

3:08 E – We are having opposing reactions to the minions presenting Best Animated Short. Scott is gleeful, I am hiding. It’s like the reverse of Birdman.

3:03 S – Going from Mad Max winning lots of visual, sound, editing, and costume awards to Ex Machina winning an effects award, this goes from strength to strength. Ex Machina is one of the best films of last year, and it deserves all the love in the world.

3:00  E – Jacob Tremblay jumping up to see the star wars gang be still my beating heart.

2:57  E – We are very happy Ex Machina gets something for Visual Effects. No thanks to Dohmnal Gleeson for being a bit meh at everything. It is too late to spell Dohmnal.

2:55 S – Mad Max has won six Oscars and I have started bouncing. This really is like Christmas. Keep going!

2:49 S – Everest deserves something for sound. It really sounds chilly. But number 5 for Mad Max is something I will take!

2:41 E – “Yas. Up ye, Alejandro.” – Mad Max wins best editing

2:39 E – Cinematography to The Revenant was a given, but Emmanuel is getting greedy. Let someone else win for a change, you’re sending Scott’s blood pressure through the roof.

2:31 S – Best original score to the Doof Warrior please.

2:29 E – If Mad Max keeps this up we’re gonna ride eternal, shiny and chrome to the end of the ceremony. What a lovely Day!

2:25 E – Jenny Beavan is the first to fight the orchestra and nearly win. Last year watching the orchestra battle the speeches was my favourite thing. More of this.
Mad Max on its second win of the night. WITNESS!

2:21 S – WITNESS! First Mad Max win! What a lovely day!

2:15 S – The Danish Girl was awful and I begrudge Vikander winning for it. Had it been Ex Machina, it would have been fine. Even Testament of Youth was better than The Danish Girl. Was hoping for a Rooney Mara win. Or a Kate Winslet win.

2:10 E – Where’s JK Simmons’ hat this year? We’re still not over Whiplash here. We’re not dragging. You’re dragging.

2:05 S – Sam Smith is the Mr Holmes of the music industry.

2:03 E – Sam Smith is up. Can we skip it to rewatch that skit? Do you see any black astronaut? No black astronauts here…

1:57 S – Kevin Hart is like the Scrappy Doo of Hollywood. Seems so up for a laugh all the time. Chris Rock’s opening monologue was amazing. More of that.

1:54 E-The Big Short wins Best Adapted Screenplay. I’m sad for Room but it makes sense: a great film that made something depressing as hell and super technical interesting and educational and fun. I sound like a middle class mom.

1:48 E – Spotlight wins Best Original Screenplay. I just finished my Chinese. Scott and I are happy. Keep it up, Academy.

01:35 E – It’s happening. Chris Rock is right in there addressing #Oscarssowhite. I hope this year continues last year’s trend of social justice driven acceptance speeches. But also for some of that to carry into the films we see in 2017. ‘Token Black Host’ he may be, but this is a very strong opening monologue. #preach

01:27 S – There’s a lack of hype from the fact we know most winners. Or do we? Give us some surprises. Throw Inside Out into best picture. Take out Bridge of Spies and put in Carol. Get John Travolta to try and pronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor since Idina Menzel was so tough for him.

1:07 E – Cate Blanchett looks like Elsa from Frozen with Rapunzel’s life-changing hair cut. Queen.

00:51 E – Oh hey guys. Sorry I’m late, but as Scott said, Deadpool was more important and it was a perfectly great way of getting hyped. Without it I might have fallen asleep by now. Since I have not yet started to nap: the recommendations.

Best Picture: The Revenant. This wouldn’t be my choice. Mad Max would be my choice as the the only game-changing nominated movie as the kind of ‘cult’ move that the Oscars usually eschews. Spotlight would also be great, but Inarritu ruins everything Scott loves.

Best Actor: Leo. It’s not his best performance, we know that, but it’s his year. Redmayne does not deserve a second year in a row. Soz Eddie, you’re still pretty.

Best Actress: Brie Larson will absolutely and deservedly walk away with this.

Best Supporting Actor: Mark Ruffalo. Please? His acceptance speech would be the cutest, he is the cutest. Mark Rylance based on other awards is likely to take it.

Best Supporting Actress: Unlike Scott, I didn’t think Alicia Vikander was the only good thing about The Danish Girl. She was also a let down. Kate Winslet deserves this, it’s mad that this is the only award that Steve Jobs is likely to get.

Best Original Screenplay: Ex Machina probably won’t get this, but wouldn’t that be great? Spotlight fully deserves this, but so would Inside Out. This is a strong category.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Room, please.

Best Cinematography: The Revenant is so a shoe in. But Mad Max. It should be Mad Max (this will become a running trend of the night).

Best Animated Movie: Inside Out. (side note: I rock a really great Sadness cosplay).

Best Score: This is John Williams’ 50th nomination? Mad. I haven’t seen Star Wars, but yeah, give it to him.

Anything we’ve missed, we’ll be sure to bring up later in the night. You have at least four more hours of this.

00:46 S – Emma is finally here to save me from the Sky Movies commentary. Tim from pubs and I want more love for Sicario.

00:22 S – Sky Movies are trying to hype the possibility of that rare thing of someone winning best actor two years in a row. The worst type of British spirit – getting so fiercely behind someone who doesn’t deserve to win, or even have a chance of winning. Alicia Vikander is the only good aspect of The Danish Girl. That, and the end credits. Leo is already relaxing from a win he hasn’t experienced yet, you can bet on that (but you can’t bet on Leo because the bookies are like what’s the point?).

00:08 S – The red carpet ceremony is happening. Sam Smith is here. Writing’s On The Wall is dull as sin. His chat is even worse. Seems like he’d shop at Waitrose and listen to Coldplay in a bubblebath-less bath. George Miller is here now though and he seems like a fun guy. From Happy Feet to Mad Max. Do all of his films start with emotions? Looking forward to Apathetic Zookeeper.

23:42 S – I have given up editing my essay. Mad Max Fury Road is on Sky Go. Until the red carpet starts, we are Valhalla bound. As much as it would be great for this to win, I am just happy it’s nominated – how crazy that one long car chase across the wasteland is up for best picture! What a lovely day!

23:12 S – I am wearing Homer Simpson slippers meaning there is more skin colour representation in this bedroom than in the actor/actress categories.

22:45 – Actually, Emma is at the cinema just now because apparently Deadpool is more worthy of her time than getting on the Oscars hype train. So Scott’s predictions for the night ahead are:

Best picture: The Revenant (though I want Mad Max or Spotlight to win)

Best director: Alejandro G Inarritu (okay I’ll admit he might deserve this one)

Best actor: Leo (though, is it deserving? He spends two and a half hours being chilly and screaming a lot. Michael Fassbender had to dance with an Aaron Sorkin script. That takes some effort. Similarly, Matt Damon is well overdue an Oscar)

Best actress: Probably the best category in the whole ceremony. Other than J Law, all of these amazing women deserve to win. Brie Larson is gonna run away with it, but the success is in how great this category is.

Best supporting actor: Sylvester Stallone (would like Mark Ruffalo to win because the head-scratch he does in every film is very satisfying, and Mark Rylance’s performance in Bridge of Spies is on another level)

Best supporting actress: Another strong category, though perhaps not as much as best actress. Alicia Vikander is the favourite, but I think Kate Winslet will walk away with the gold. The annoying thing is Vikander was better in others films – if this was for Ex Machina, I could get behind her claim a lot more.

Best original screenplay: I think Spotlight will take this, but I would be very happy to see Inside Out pick up the Oscar here. How anyone managed to write that is beyond me.

Best adapted screenplay: Room. Given Carol’s treatment by the Academy I can’t imagine it will win, despite it being one of the best films of the year. How Bridge of Spies is nominated for best picture yet Carol isn’t is anyone’s guess (read: old white men Academy voters).

Best animated feature film: Inside Out. Buzzing to see Anomalisa when it comes out here, and all of the candidates are great, but Inside Out is a masterpiece.

Best foreign language film: Mustang. PLEASE.

Best documentary: Would take a force of nature to stop The Look of Silence, I think. Amy was very good.

Best original score: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (all of them are very good. I would likea nod for Sicario)

Best original song: Sam Smith is probably gonna win this. I just want The Weeknd to win everything. This category will never be as good as it was when Falling Slowly was in it.

That’s probably the ones people care most about. I want Mad Max and Spotlight to win everything. Emma will add in her predictions once she’s back from seeing the Merc with the Mouth.

Happy Oscaring, everyone!

[Emma Ainley-Walker & Scott Wilson]


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