Welcome all to qmunicate’s live coverage of the QMU Presidential debate! Tonight we’ll be hearing from all 4 candidates – Emma Anderson, Jack Smith, Scott Wilson and Joe Mullally – who will be speaking about their manifestos and answering questions from the audience. Exciting stuff!

18:10 – Current President Max Sefton welcomes everyone to the debate, and explains the role of the President at the QMU. Each candidate will first talk about who they are and their manifestos, then the evening will move on to questions for all candidates (submitted in advance). Then there will be a grilling of all candidates, followed by questions from the floor.

18:13 – Jack Smith introduces himself, has three main points: Finance, Feedback and Fridays. He is concerned about the current financial trajectory of the union and wants to ensure the financial stability of the union going forward. He plans to do this by increasing the bloc grant given to the union per year by the University, as the QM currently receives less money from the University than vice versa. He continues to iterate the importance of taking the members of the Union into account. Following from this, he begins on his point on Feedback. He briefly is able to state the importance of the feedback whiteboards in the building before being told he has 10 seconds left to speak. Terrible shame.

18:16 – Scott Wilson introduces himself as Jack Smith (for those of who who don’t know, they bear an uncanny resemblance to each other). He sees bringing more people into the Union as his primary concern, and states that the financial woes of the Union can be remedied by an increase in numbers rather than simply a change in drinks prices and the like. He sees his position as Publications Convenor as being conducive to bringing more people in in this way. Responding to Jack’s earlier point on Feedback, he iterates that it is difficult to get feedback on anything if there isn’t anyone to get feedback from.

18:19 – Emma Anderson introduces herself, and immediately begins to address the financial future of the University as well as board-staff relations. She acknowledges deep-set problems in both of these fields, particularly the increase in the living wage as well as a lack of communication between staff and board, the latter of which she seeks to remedy through a staff-board committee. She thinks we can better utilise our staff and previous board members, as well as improving the QM’s online presence, to engage with current students. She also wants to centralise PR and social media management.

18:22 – Joe Mullally finishes off the introductions. His first point is to build on his idea of building a wall (get it?). He wants to host fancy parties and inspirational speakers, who will cover topics such as ‘is the moon made of cheese?’, as well as creating a beer garden (6 to be exact). He would also like to build gargoyles (resembling Keith the porter and Tony Watt) to scare off the GUU. He is then going to build a door to allow people to become members, and have bouncers there to prevent unwanted guests. He then suggests a trial by physical combat. And finishes his speech by downing his drink. (wow)

First Round – Questions submitted in advance

18:22 – First question: Why should you be president?

Scott Wilson: He believes that if you want to see change enough you should go for it and work for that change.

Emma Anderson: She has loved her time on the QM board of management and being a leader. She has got in touch with previous presidents and the financial manager to test out her plans.

Joe Mullally: He has been thinking about this since a got drunk one night and woke up with some policies on his phone. He wants to show that anyone can run for a position if they want to be involved.

Jack Smith: He has been encouraged by people telling him he would do well, and to prepare he has spoken to the previous presidents as well as other student bodies to test the viability of what he aims to do.

18:27 – Second question: How will you assess the QM’s identity problem?

Emma Anderson: She believes that, whilst recognising that most people will think of a student union as a place to get cheap drinks, we should be introspective with regard to how we see ourselves, and how much that identity is aligned with members’ beliefs.

Joe Mullally: On a serious note: bring back Cheesy. Cheesy is a part of the QM’s identity. Also chicken bites.

Jack Smith: If people on the outside of the Union see us as a clique, then we probably are. We should be looking outward to see how we’re seen by others, and adapt accordingly.

Scott Wilson: Focus on music and activism, and we should be focusing, not on the one Nirvana gig that we had 20 years ago, but on gigs we’ve had in the past few years that we should also be proud of. We have a good recent history of these things and should be more public about it.

18:33 – Third Question: Why have the QM’s big events been so poorly attended? And should we bring back Cheesy Pop?

Joe Mullally: Bring back Cheesy.

Jack Smith: He thinks it’s because of the lack of both online and physical PR. He also thinks there has been a change in attitudes to student nights out, so we need to be having a broader range of events to appeal to more people. In regards to cheesy, I think seeing the popularity of the most recent one then maybe it would be financially beneficial to bring it back, but not too regularly.

Scott Wilson: He thinks it’s to do with our reputation, and we struggle to compete with other similar venues; people don’t want to go to student unions anymore. In regards to cheesy, he thinks it would be a good idea to plan more similar events strategically.

Emma Anderson: She agrees with having annual or bi-annual basis if it’s financially viable. She thinks that because students aren’t so well off anymore, they are more likely to spend the money they have on other venues in the city centre. She suggests having a more structured events and PR system.

18:36 – Fourth question: How should the relationship to other student bodies change?

Jack Smith: He thinks that increased funding is the main solution to increasing cross-campus relations (which he sees as the most important change to relations with other student bodies). He wants to see more involvement between the QM and other student bodies on a member-level, rather than going through the executives of either body.

Scott Wilson: He sees the QM as needing to work more closely with the SRC, and sees healthy competition with the GUU as a good thing, even if it is planned. He sees the rivalry as having the potential to be mutually beneficial.

Emma Anderson: She agrees with having to improve cross-campus relations but recognises that, often times, the relationship between bodies when events are planned in conjunction with one another are not reciprocal.

Joe Mullaly: ‘Shut down the Beer Bar. Build a wall.’

18:40 – Fifth Question: What would the candidates do if the heating works on campus continue to have negative effects for the next 10 years?

Scott Wilson: He thinks it’s important to make the university aware of the problems the developments are causing us and let them know that we need more help.

Emma Anderson: She agrees that we should be asking the university for help due to the developments. She also emphasises the new services planned which may compete with the QM’s services, so there needs to be a compromise where the QM can have more input into the developments and the university can work with us to combine our services.

Joe Mullally: He would suggest wearing more layers indoors so members can keep warm. He thinks this would improve funds from the union shop.

Jack Smith: He thinks the university should be giving us compensation for the losses from these works. If this doesn’t happen, he says the most important thing is doing everything we can to improve our services and maintaining accessibility.

18:44 – Sixth Question: What could you each identify as an additional source of funding for the Union?

Emma Anderson: She doesn’t think that the University is going to increase funding. She sees increasing the efficiency of the things the Union already do, especially Events, as being the most important method of increasing funding for ourselves.

Joe Mullally: Bring back Cheesy, it made money.

Jack Smith: Rent out space we have, bring in more lucrative gigs, corporate hospitality. Apparently there are lots of modern studies teachers that use the Union that we could investigate and take advantage of, who knew?

Scott Wilson: He sees Jim’s Bar as an untapped source of income for small live events. It has a similar capacity to The Hug and Pint, which brings in regular, high profile gigs.

18:48- Seventh Question: Would you abolish Duty Board?

Joe Mullally- No, they make sure he gets kicked out at the appropriate time

Jack Smith- He wouldn’t abolish it but I would definitely reform it to make it more productive and rewarding.

Scott Wilson – He would abolish it, he thinks it’s exploitative. He would at least cut the hours.

Emma Anderson: She wouldn’t abolish it would she would definitely review it to make it more efficient.

18:50 – Eighth Question: Would you pay the increased living wage to all staff, regardless of age?

Jack Smith: He wishes it were feasible, but recognises that the Union is not in a position to increase its costs at the moment without critically damaging the Union financially.

Scott Wilson: He agrees, and re-iterates that the Union would have to close if it were to increase its spending in this regard.

Emma Anderson: She would love to be able to pay everyone the living wage as it shows we are supporting our student staff as much as possible, but she doesn’t think it’s financially possible.

Joe Mullally: He would definitely pay staff the living wage as they need to be supported properly, and he wouldn’t mind paying an extra 20p for a pint.

18:53 – Ninth Question: If we had to cut one service the Union already offers, which would it be?

Scott Wilson: He recognises an identity problem with Jim’s, and thinks that something must be done to differentiate it from Champs in an effort to keep it relevant.

Emma Anderson: She mentions C&C, Pubs committees as not being able to generate any direct revenue to the Union, but wants to keep these as they are partially what makes the Union special. She wants to increase efficiency elsewhere to do this.

Joe Mullally: He wants to adjust the prices in the laundry room for inflation.

Jack Smith: He unfortunately sees that qmunicate is the first thing that would have to be sacrificed if the need arises. ;_;

18:57- Tenth Question: What would you do to increase the amount of mature, international, postgraduate, low-alcohol students in the Union?

Scott Wilson: He would advocate the extracurricular experiences that are on offer at the QM.

Emma Anderson: She would begin by improving the dialogue between the union and postgrad, mature, international and low alcohol students and getting more feedback.

Joe Mullally: He thinks chicken bites would bring people together at the union.

Jack Smith: He thinks the best thing to do would be to communicate with them and work on events that have happened recently to bring people together, such as activist mixers and language cafes.

19:00 – 11th Question: What separates you from the other candidates? What can you bring to the union that no one else can?

Emma Anderson: She wants to bring her experiences from Cecilians (being on the committee and leading a society) to the presidential position, and thinks being able to identify with societies is very important.

Joe Mullally: He has been on the executive committee of the Rugby Society and the committee on the Welsh society. He is the only candidate who hasn’t been on the board of management before, and wants to show that other people can run.

Jack Smith: He thinks his experience as Hon Asst Sec has allowed him to gain an understanding of how the executive committee works and what the union needs from a president.

Scott Wilson: He thinks he is very assertive and wants to review everything of the union to make things work, and he has benefitted from being Pubs convenor, which he sees as the ‘outsider committe’.

19:04 – 12th Question: If the Union invited Peter Tatchell, Donald Trump, UKIP and the SWP, would you allow them to speak?

Joe Mullally: Never heard of them

Jack Smith: Tatchell: Yes, Trump: Yes, because he would get a pint of Tennents chucked at him. UKIP, yes, for the same reasons. The SWP is a difficult one but he recognises that people should critically evaluate a group.

Scott Wilson: Tatchell would be interesting, but to an extent so would Trump. If the membership generally feel safe (majority) then it would generally be a good idea.

Emma Anderson: She thinks it’s important not to stamp out people’s voices and it’s important to listen to controversial speakers, as long as no one feels unsafe or threatened.

19:08 – 13th Question: Why should we bother investing time in life members?

Jack Smith: He thinks a lot can be learned from life members, and we can use their experiences to improve on the union. He thinks talks from life members can also be valuable in educating students in what’s on offer in the future.

Scott Wilson: People who are life members have a lot to add to the Union that we don’t currently use them for. We should welcome them with open arms, they can give talks and we can learn from them in ways that we currently aren’t. He sees potential in life members getting just as involved as ordinary members.

Emma Anderson: She sees her position as Honorary Secretary as having her working with life members to a great degree as teaching her a lot about the experiences of life members. She has had many positive experiences whilst talking to life members.

Joe Mullally: He thinks that we owe it to life members to keep in touch with them, since there are many life members who would have been as involved as some of us are now.

19:12- 14th Question: What is your greatest acheivement at the QM?

Scott Wilson: He sees his time as Pubs convenor as his proudest achievement, and getting more involved in the union.

Emma Anderson: Being C&C convenor and raising 3 or 4 times more than the previous convenor. She is also very proud of the life member database she produced last year.

Joe Mullally: In playing a hardcore drinking game (one can only assume it was hardcore), he was the only person who didn’t get thrown out of the union.

Jack Smith: Getting contested elections during his time as Hon Asst Sec.

19:14 – 15th Question: What have been the greatest mistakes made by the current exec?

Emma Anderson: She thinks a big failure has been the lack of life member events and communication organised throughout the year.

Joe Mullally: He thinks it has been a lack of PR improvement and not getting people engaged online, which is more important than physical PR.

Jack Smith: He thinks that the poor membership numbers has been a serious problem (planned to have more the 7000 members, there are currently less than 3000). He thinks the fact that Max only ordered 4000 membership cards was a seriously defeatist attitude (which got an applaud from the audience!)

Scott Wilson: He thinks the lack of engagement and ability to create an identity has been the biggest failure. He thinks we spend too much time talking about numbers and not enough time building a union that people want to identify with.

19:18 – Final Question: What’s the first thing the QM should be investing in?

Joe Mullally: He is proposing literal Presidential Surgeries. As in, the doctor. Yes.

Jack Smith: Gut the Food Factory, start again, make it better. On an additional question from Max re: investing in improving Food Factory, wants to do that instead/as well.

Scott Wilson: Lots of things that could be invested in in Jim’s – poor lighting, no jukebox etc.

Emma Anderson: Better colour scheme, spruce up the bathrooms, make Committee Room 4, TV room nicer to be in. It makes people more comfortable in the building.

We are now on a much-needed 2 minute break, tune in soon for more election antics and hilarious banter.


Second Round – Questions for individual candidates

19:40 – Max Sefton calls all candidates back to the stage. This round will involve questions to individual candidates submitted before the debate, as well as a grilling from Max himself. He reminds candidates that these questions shouldn’t be taken personally. [all posts beginning with “-” are from Max]

19:41 – Joe: do you think your ability to imbibe alcohol will interfere with your ability to run the Union?

Joe: I think I’ve proved that tonight

-Will you replace the number ‘4’ in the lift?

Joe: No, I think it lends it character

-What about people who don’t like chicken bites

Joe: There’s a place down the road for those people

-Are there any serious issues you want to address w/r/t the QMU?

Joe: He sees systemic problems in the running of the union and the progression of CSR-Convenor-Exec

-With all of this in mind, do you actually want to be QM president.

Joe: “Don’t vote for me. Vote for a serious candidate”. He thinks people should vote for whoever they think will do the best job.

[Joe exits the stage, with his staff in hand, taking his figurative blank slate with him]

Onto Scott Wilson.

-Our revenue for qmunicate has fallen, how do you seek to avoid malaise as president and are there any personal experiences you can draw on in this regard?

Scott: Micromanaging is important, and communication with the QM staff such as Alice and Bill, as they have important contacts

-After having to remove one of your own editorial team from qmunicate, how do you seek to improve cohesion on board as President?

Scott: Pubs is different from board; there are less rules telling the editor in chief what to do in certain situations, whereas the president has a specific set of rules to work by which he thinks will be important in his role.

-How will you ensure that you’re accountable to members and measure your success?

Scott: You judge these things on finances, and when it comes to projects you need to consider that these need to adapt and that you can’t make plans for the QM 6 months in advance.

-You mention “improved communication”. This is a common theme in manifestos, what do you mean?

Scott: The two main aspects in which this could be improved are improved communication between the Events Manager and the Events Convenor, as well as improved communication between Convenors.

-Do you think, in your position, that qmunicate would be unfairly prioritised if you become President?

Scott: He thinks that the advertising he would like qmunicate to receive would be very important and doesn’t see why it shouldn’t be encouraged.

-Will you be able to pull off a big event as President?

Scott: He thinks Fresher’s Week is key to improving the union, in keeping the momentum from that going into week 3. He recognises the atmosphere of Pubs meetings as being its strongest asset, and sees that there is probably something in that that could be harnessed.

-You’ve complained a lot about duty board during your time on board. Can you name any projects you’ve worked on outside publications committee?

Scott: He thinks he has been elected as pubs convenor for a reason and so his role is to prioritise working on the magazine, as well as the usual promoting events and cross-committee communication.

-How would you increase the importance of becoming a member?

Scott: He sees things like lowering members’ drinks prices as a good thing, as well as seeing that committee restrictions on members stop more people from attending?

-Can you give an example of any experience you have (outside of publications committee) that would help you if you became president?

Scott: He has arranged a multitude of different high-profile events which he sees as a testament to his organisational skill, and valuable to the role of President.

Now onto Jack Smith.

-Is there a fear that you chronically over-promise and under-deliver [referencing an event whilst Jack was Hon. Asst.Sec]

Jack: [That event] happened because I was less informed about that position than the one of President. It won’t happen again this time around.

-You once messed up a £500 order of polo shirts. Why should we trust you with this position?

Jack: I didn’t mess it up. They were just the wrong colour. You just don’t like grey.

-If you aren’t fulfilling your current role as Hon. Vice President, why should we trust you with this position?

Jack: There is no specified job description for my current role, the President is a paid position with a specific job description. I will absolutely fulfill that if I am voted in by members to do that.

-You’ve spoken about the expenses of the staff of the university while complaining that the QM doesn’t get enough. Are you saying that the QM can’t support itself?

Jack: He thinks the QM can, but that we do need that extra support from the university, but compromises have to be formed carefully so as not to anger the people who decide our funding.

-If we did get more funding, what would you direct it towards?

Jack: Definitely the disability access, which he feels is very important.

-But are there any personal projects which you feel would be important to get funding for?

Jack: He thinks that the funding should be focused on general improvements to the union, such as catering. He doesn’t think we should just continue raising prices, and the university should be subsidising cheap products.

-Qudos is booked every Friday and Saturday for months ahead. How would you improve these booked events?

Jack: He thinks the events should be more ambitious, and try to get better events that students should be interested in.

-How will you bring in more gigs when Glasgow has a very competitive music scene?

Jack: He would like to be more involved in events organisation and thinks the union should be competing to get better events.

Now for Emma. We’ve neglected to get times down for the last while, so we’ll start doing that again now. (sorry)


-You missed 8 weeks of Fresher’s Week preparation. How was that in any way helpful?

Emma: Of course it wasn’t preferable, but it gave me an outside perspective which I saw as quite valuable.

-Finances have been getting worse for a while now, why have you at this point stated that there is a problem, as though there wasn’t before? How will you compete with the Hive?

Emma: It is at this time that we need to keep prices low as there as such a massive student population in Glasgow who can look elsewhere. Hive have a line of promotion that is: “come on, get drunk on a Thursday, it’ll be fun”, which they have perfected. We are much more suited to specialist events that aren’t just about drinking – arts and culture rather than trying to get drunk for no particular reason.

-This next question was a common theme across many questions. You mentioned in your interview with the GG that you would like to change job descriptions of the staff. Don’t you think that this could create massive issues as well as violate staff-board protocol.

Emma: I think  that having better staff-board relations rather than just the exec and th general manager having close relationships is important, and forming a committee to aid in this discussion-

-There’s a difference between asking 18-20 year old board members to change staff job descriptions and forming a staff-board committee in which people can talk.

[Max is currently asking a question every 15 seconds, so the remaining part will be a summary of Emma’s points]

Emma: Staff representation on board is important, we’re running a business together, this should be improved.

-You mention improving communications. How do you intend to do this without a full time social media role?

Emma: Personally PR is not my strong point, but I don’t think we need an extra role for it as we have so many people on board (convenors, CSRs) that can help to improve social media management and engagement.

-You claim to have improved relationships with members and clubs and societies, but the membership number suggest otherwise. Can you explain anything you’ve done to improve this?

Emma: I have helped by improving catering to societies using our buildings.

-You say you want the QM to be more political. Can you describe a campaign you have supported outside of C&C committee?
[Max is doing it again, here’s a summary of the following point]

Emma: I have been part of the LGBTQ+ society in my own time.

-You say you want to be defiant of the university. What does that mean?

Emma: I think it’s important to question the university if we disagree with a decision.

-You’ve been on board for almost 4 years. Why haven’t you achieved all your goals?

Emma: I think as C&C I did achieve all my goals, and as Hon Sec I almost did, and I plan to continue this as President.

-You talked about how you’ve improved the life membership database, but this was actually organised by Anne Anderson and the porters, and there has been no life member events this year. Does this mean that life membership has been a failure this year?

Emma: I don’t think it has been a failure, but I think we have to prioritise the union over life member events.


OK that’s it for the second round!! Apologies for any grammatical errors/spelling mistakes/missing questions; it was very fast paced! We’ll be back shortly with the third and final round, which will involve the candidates taking questions from the audience.


Third Round – Questions from the audience

And then there was one. Live-blogger, I mean, Katie’s gone off to prepare for the Big Wednesday Night Pub Quiz (which you should go to), but it’s just me from now on, controlling everything that makes its way onto the blog. Will try not to go mad with power, but I’m not promising anything.

20:48 – More questions

-Board can be arduous, how will you make it more constructive?

Joe: Drink less at pres

Emma: Invest in the things that interest you most

Scott: There isn’t much you can do as Pubs convenor to change things; we should try to make board meetings shorter.

Jack: Have some fun while you’re on board, if you accidentally order the wrong kind of shirt then you should own it.

-For Scott, how can you hold referenda if under 800 people vote in a general election?

Scott: Referenda aside, it’s possible to collect opinions in other ways.

-Should we switch to a GUU-style application process?

Emma: Absolutely not, we’re already accused of being cliquey .

Scott: Doesn’t entertain the idea

Jack: Nope

Joe: The QM isn’t cliquey enough. Yes. It exists for me.

-How will you work with staff to make it a better place for staff and workers?
[An objection from the audience – an objection to the objection – people are getting quite drunk and vaguely angry at focus on policy. Also something regarding the earlier living wage point. There’s a lot going on.]

Scott: Increase communication pathways for staff and board

Jack: Agrees, go out and talk to staff personally to address issues

Joe: We can put posters in every bar explaining why we’ve raised the price of drinks to pay the living wage to staff.

Emma: If it’s possible to increase wages, that’s great.

-In a word, would you raise the price of Tennents to £2.50 if it would let us pay the living wage?

All: Yes. [Everyone but Joe has reversed their position]

-Are there any points that aren’t present in your manifestos that we should be aware of?

Jack: Over the course of the presidency there will be things that come up that I can’t forsee

Scott: I elaborate on my manifesto on my Facebook event

Emma: I would implement a buddy system for international/exchange students where each is paired up with a Freshers Helper to help them get their bearings

Joe: Most of my points were, quote “Shit, and not funny”. Find him later if interested.

-Scott, duty board is a big part of keeping the building safe. How do you justify scrapping it?

Scott: Duty board is paid less than minimum wage in vouchers and are expected to do things as far as bomb disposal

-Tech team do more hours with no official reward than duty board, is this fair?

Scott: Tech team opt into doing that, CSRs have only opted into representing students, not duty board.

-To all candidates in one word, video gaming festival?

Jack: Cool
Emma: Yes
Scott: Amazing
Joe: Yaldi

-Would you bring back Team Hack in Freshers Week?

Emma: It’s a bad way to address our dedicated life members. No.

Scott: If life members want to come back and help out, we should let them

Jack: Yes, I have personally had a good experience with life members on my Freshers Helper team

Joe: Yes, it’s a good idea but they shouldn’t be confined to their own team, away from everyone else.

-Joe, as a proponent of democracy, why are you running?

Joe: I think that poking fun at something shows that you care

-Do you think the QM is facing an existential crisis and how would you protect us in light of the redevelopment?

Jack: We have to do more to appeal to a wider student demographic and increase focus on the events that we do put on. We can’t say at this juncture what exactly that will look like, but that’s what we have to do to stay relevant.

Scott: We have to look at the redevelopment going on on this side of campus, and when the Learning & Teaching Hub opens we should be distinctly seen as having been first and remaining relevant as a result.

Emma: There is a way we can remain relevant and co-exist with the L&T Hub and we can do that by gaining feedback from members and following those ideas through to fruition rather than abandoning them halfway.

Joe: Don’t vote for me.

-The SWP covered up the rape of a party member by a party official. Do you retract your earlier statement that you would allow them to come and speak?

Scott: If people want it, we’ll have to do it. Stifling what the members want won’t get us anywhere.

Emma: We need to listen to members, we don’t have any place to ban most people but should make it so that if a member does feel that something is unreasonably bad, that they have a place to speak up

Joe: Still never heard of them

Jack: I’m not sure where I stand on this but people will be very passionate about this. If people are uncomfortable then we should listen to them and prevent that from happening as best we can.


-How can we improve access to minority groups?

Jack, Scott: Ask them, see what they want

Emma: Promote how much we want them here, actively state that we want them here. We can be the hosts for amazing international cultural celebrations if we just branch out.

Joe:Like everyone else I’m going to repeat myself: Bring back chicken bites.

-How will you bring more freshers into the building?

Joe: {Made a nice quip but due to paraphrasing it doesn’t make sense. So sorry, you should’ve come in person.}

Jack, Emma: Fresher’s Helpers actively communicating with first years

Scott: Get committees to promote themselves

-Is the best deal for the QM the best deal for every student on campus?

Scott: We can appeal to every student on campus if we want to, but only in a general sense. We probably can’t do much in a good way whilst trying to appeal to every single student.

-Emma, were C&C convenor and Hon. Sec. steps you took deliberately in an effort to get to the Presidency?

Emma: No, I enjoyed those roles for their own sakes and did not have the Presidency in mind as an endgame either time I ran for those positions.

-Final question: What does the QM do uniquely and better than everyone else?

Joe: “Me”

Jack: Committees, implicitly names qmunicate (cheers Jack don’t let us down), that’s what makes the QM special.

Scott: Committees absolutely, they’re the heart of this union.

Emma: Everyone in this room has chosen to be here, and there are life members in their 70s and 80s who look back on this place as special.

Joe (again): Increase transparency in the union by covering it in an invisibility cloak.

That brings us to the end of our presidential debate, and the conclusion to my intense suffering. Thank you all for bearing with this, hopefully it makes a degree of sense. Remember to vote tomorrow! Otherwise, this was all for nothing and you are a bad person.

[Katie & Nour]


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