Qmunicate’s Newbie Spotlight: Wandering Sons

My first encounter with Wandering Sons was hearing them busking outside St Enoch subway station during the Christmas Market. They were covering a song which was very close to my heart, ‘Wild Mountain Thyme/Blooming Heather’, and I was immediately intrigued.

I forced my friends to hang around until the song was finished and immediately found their band on Facebook. Their page states their genre as ‘folk’, however I feel there are also echoes of acoustic pop, more in their guitar playing than vocals. After being given the link to their Spotify it has fast become the soundtrack to my writing – mellow enough to not be distracting but with enough energy that I’m unlikely to be lulled to sleep.

Their music evokes a fondness in me, the gentle instrumentation reminding me of all the times in my life I’ve needed to relax and made playlists called ‘sleep’, ‘relax’ or ‘walking’. It makes me chuckle, thinking of how no one ever lets me make the playlists for pre drinks. My life lately is completely mental and music is the one part I have control over, so most of what I listen to is very chilled.

The Wandering Sons completely capture everything I want to hear when I see three young guys singing folk music. Their sound has a wonderful nostalgia that is quite impossible to put into words but I absolutely urge you to have a listen to these guys, especially coming up to exam time, as they provide the perfect escape from the stress of university whilst still maintaining an energy ebbing and flowing through each song.

[Chloë Erin Tobin-Kemmer]

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