The Wholls Interview

You’ve been described as one of the biggest up-and-coming bands recently, how do you think you’ve gotten this far?

I guess we’ve got an awesome team, I think we’ve got some great tunes, and we’re playing really well. We’ve got good material, a lot of energy, and we’re fun to be around. It’s a nice vibe and everyone we’ve met along the way soaks that up as well, which makes them want to help. It’s nice, really, and it’s a privilege that people want to look after us and want to help us up this magical ladder that is the music industry.


So you just started playing around your hometown Bedford?

Yeah, we did. We’ve been at it for about five years now. We started locally at school, started writing some songs, it’s that classic story really – we learnt some chords and played our songs to our friends, that started to grow and before we knew it we were selling out local venues and we just knew we were onto something.

So if you had to give advice to anyone wanting to do what you’ve done what would you say?

Well it’s basically that, you need to get playing and playing to people. You’ve got to build a fanbase, and if you can’t do that, if no one wants to hear your music, you need to change what you’re playing or who you’re playing to.

You’ve gotten a lot of air time on the likes of BBC Introducing, what role do you think radio and “traditional” media still plays today for young bands?

Still massive, I think. It’s not all about that, but it’s a big part. If you can get your music heard by a lot of people that’s part of the battle. Unless we’re going on tour with Muse there’s only a certain amount of people you can play to when you’re touring, so radio helps your reach in that way.

Do you have a response to the Guardian saying if you’re the sound of 2016 then it’s the sound of 2006 all over again?
The one thing I’ll say is opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one. You know what, it’s nice that they wrote about us, and let it be whatever it will be. They’re doing their thing, we’re doing ours.

[Jimmy Donaghy -@JimmyDonagee]



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