Arts Preview: Glasgow International Comedy Festival

After living here for six months, I can definitely say that Glaswegians are pretty funny. In fact, they have a great sense of humour. This, in combination with the excellent collection of venues in the city, make Glasgow an obvious place to have a comedy festival. From the 10th to the 27th of March, the Glasgow International Comedy Festival is happening again, bringing world-class comedy to Glasgow for its 14th time. The festival transcends the boundaries of its hosting city, bringing a broad and impressive geographical mix of top comedy stars from around the world to Glasgow, as well as showcasing Scottish talent.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival is the largest in Europe of its kind, with performances in over 40 venues. You don’t have to travel far to see hilarious theatre or original entertainment, as the QMU, Oran More, Grosvenor Cinema, Webster’s Theatre and Dram! are just a few of the venues in the West End that have performances going on during the festival.

But with more than 300 shows to cram into the brief 18 day period, your cheeks will be glad the festival doesn’t go on for any longer. As local comedic talent Jay Lafferty commented: ‘It’s like Glasgow’s life expectancy, short and sweet.’

When scrolling through the incredible lists of acts, from those deliberately pushing the boundaries of contemporary comedy to storytelling to stand-up to a more family-orientated entertainment, the amount of male comedians is quite overwhelming. Two shows of female comedians you should definitely check out are ‘WitsHerFace’, a sketch show of the best female comedy writers and performers in Glasgow, and ‘American Cunt’ by the star of David Letterman and the Daily Show Jena Friedman. But more generally the whole festival promises to be extremely funny, absurd, brilliant, clever, honest and dark but most of all entertaining.

[Aike Jansen]


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