Album Review: St Lucia- Matter

From the very first song, I was filled with a feeling that could only be described with a single word – ‘summer’.

Being taken away from the dreary wet Glaswegian weather is a good start for any album, and this album continued that summery sensation throughout. Complete with synthesizers, the entire album was given a brilliant 80s vibe. With a mixture of melodies that just make you want to get up and dance, contrasted with a couple of slower, calmer songs, Matter is one of those albums where you can imagine listening to the songs anywhere.

Matter starts with ‘Do You Remember’, a brilliant pop tune that perfectly sets the dancing mood for the rest of the album. The songs change from dance-anthem to a slower, more relaxed sound in ‘Game 4 U’ and ‘The Winds of Change’, but still keeping the overall 80s feel that is found in every tune. The album picks up again in ‘Rescue Me’ which very much feels like it has been inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson. The entire album is perfect for setting a brilliant party mood.

[Mata Durkin]


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