EP Review: Immersion- Analogue Creatures 10


Seventeen years have separated us from the married couple’s last outing under their Immersion alias, with their pioneering efforts in the nineties minimal techno scene sealing their status as cult figures.

Long dormant due to the duo’s work with bands such as Wire, Immersion was revived during a chance synth-shopping trip, with this inspiration fully realized in their new album.  Influenced by the theme of the sea, the album is characterized by an interesting blend of sound, with the group’s signature ambience merging with organic guitar tones, producing a strange union of the artificial and natural that complements as much as it contrasts.

This is clear in the opening track ‘Always The Sea’, where a sonar-inspired synth lays the foundation for a sweeping, dreamy guitar, enveloping the listener in an analogue dreamscape reminiscent of Boards of Canada. Simultaneously, third track ‘Organic Cities’, provides a nod to Immersion’s nineties roots, with the use of rhythmic layering producing a futuristic beat interspersed by mesmerizing guitar riffs. Whilst naturally of niche appeal, the album is sure to entice new listeners with its unique marriage of sound.


[Niall Gray]

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