Preview: Reginald D Hunter

“Batman is a conservative’s wet-dream. Fuck Batman.”

Like many, my introduction to Reginald D Hunter was through his appearance on British panel shows. His ability to find flaws in the accepted established order, and his casually aggressive dismantling of them, whether that’s capitalism or Marmite, is refreshing in a scene that’s uninspiringly safe (or, full of Russells, as Stewart Lee would say).

Despite living on this side of the pond for almost twenty years, he still has his strong southern drawl. His familiarity with British culture and way of life, combined with his Americanness, leads to culture clashes which he himself seems to find funniest and happens to simply share them for the love of a good anecdote.

His show at the King’s Theatre for the Glasgow International Comedy Festival comes on the heels of a busy 2015, performing worldwide and airing his show Songs of the South on BBC2. Consistently funny and engaging, he is sure to be one of the festival’s highlights.

[Scott Wilson – @HeartofFire]

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