Top 5 Ways to be a Nice Person

qmunicate has your back with 5 ways to continue being a Nice Person even though it’s minging outside and you hate the world because of exams, final essays and dissertations.

This first one is easily forgotten, but how can you be expected to share happiness with others if you’re not doing it to yourself in the first place? Self-love can take many shape and forms without having to cost too much: catch up on all your Netflix series; go to bed before midnight; cook yourself a nice meal; and don’t beat yourself up if you take a day off from uni work – there’s plenty of time for that when deadline season hits!

Speaking of cooking meals – preparing dinner for your flatmates or friends is a cheap and easy excuse to all hang out and eat together. Two of the best things in life. AND you’re being a good citizen making sure your nearest and dearest are living off something a bit more nourishing than super noodles. Heroic really.

Have a search through your kitchen cupboards for any unwanted cans or tins that you can take to a food bank. When you’re out shopping keep an eye out for items that you can get on BOGOF – you can donate the extra ones without having to break the bank!

Find something you’re passionate about! There’s nobody nicer to be around than someone who is really excited by something. And if that happens to be a campaigning society or charity, then great – turn that passion into an energy that can make a real difference in other people’s lives, while at the same time inspiring others with your enthusiasm!

Last but not least: if you think good thoughts, share them! These can be anything ranging from ‘your hair is looking especially cute today’ to ‘I always feel really happy when I’m around you.’ Best case scenario you make someone’s day, and worst case they shrug it off. What have you got to lose?

[Louisa Burden –@burdisthew0rd]

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