From the Revolution Issue: Top 5 Circles

We won’t bore you with the top five revolutionary historical actions: you can go to the library to read about Luther or Marx any time. Instead, we will present you with the most revolutionary of subjects – our favourite circles! (Get it?)


This fine creation of sweet and light dough, topped with frosting, sugar glaze, sprinkles, chocolate or anything else is definitely the most wonderful circle you can encounter. And the best part? The gap in the middle, of course. Perfect for holding.

The Glasgow Subway

Who needs those incredibly complex underground systems like they have in London or Paris when you can ride the perfect circle? It’s symmetrical, consistent, balanced, in proportion. It’s a divine, orange creation. The only uncertainty it leaves us with is whether the inner or the outer circle is better.

The Stars and Moon in ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh

Actual stars are tiny round dots to us, and the moon is a circle when it’s full. But in this wonderful painting the whole sky is full of circles. And although they’re composed of daubs of paint, the waves of light, the clouds and the glow of the moon and stars are moving, a turbulent swirling of patterns in the dazzling night sky.


They should have hired a better contractor, because Stonehenge is a pretty broken circle. But it was a circle once – at least, that’s what we think – so it counts. Quite a lot of blocks of rock somewhere in an English field might not sound that fascinating, but the mystery that surrounds it totally is.

The Letter ‘O’

It might only be the 15th letter of the alphabet, and it certainly doesn’t spark as happy reactions as As do, but we shouldn’t forget the letter O. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to say the name of our own university! And what about one of the most famous Shakespeare lines? In fact, this whole article wouldn’t have been written was it not for the letter O. Woohoo!

[Aike Jansen]

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