Live Review: Nimmo, MØ and Years & Years

30/03, O2 Academy

Recently Glasgow had the honour of re-welcoming Years & Years onto its stages for not one but two nights since they played last October. Luckily, qmunicate managed to join the fun.

The evening started off with Nimmo, an eccentric five-piece band with two frontwomen. One plays guitar, the other a synthesizer but their incredible vocals and harmonies are what make them and their style unique. Having toured for 8 years now, they are completely relaxed on stage; always showing that they’re having a good time through their dancing and creative facial expressions. If you’re a fan of chilled out, synth filled electronic music but with meaningful lyrics, they’re the band for you, and a treat live. Also, one of the singers may actually be the bad guy from “Doug”.

As if one female fronted act was not refreshing enough, MØ then unexpectedly followed. The ‘Lean on’ singer from Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s single proved that she was more than capable to perform her own songs in style. Sporting a blazer and matching trousers with nothing but a sports bra underneath, the singer lived up to the bizarre aesthetic of her music videos. Her confidence and carefree dancing were entertaining, even during the more slow-paced songs, but somehow it felt like she couldn’t command the stage as easily as Nimmo, despite her more energetic performance. Nonetheless she showed she was more than a one hit wonder and that her songs deserve merit with hints of Sia, Grimes, and Lana Del Rey. Personal favourites include ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Don’t Want to Dance’.

Finally, the moment we had been waiting for arrived. Fellow members Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen walked on accompanied by applause but it takes a moment, which seems like forever, for Olly Alexander to come on. The stage is lit in red, the iconic “Y” from their album logo in multicoloured lights glaring behind and yet somehow the singer managed to wear an outfit that outdid all other spectacles. A magnificent monstrosity of a tracksuit with a tentacle pattern that worn by anyone else would evoke laughter but on the beautiful human being that he is, only brought a smile and a half-hearted shake of the head. The band played brilliantly and the addition of two wonderful back up singers worked well to make the live performance more complete. The set included almost every song off their album Communion but also some bonuses such as an acoustic version of ‘Memo’ and ‘Eyes Shut’, a promising new song called ‘See Me Now’, their mash-up of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’, and finally a duet between Mr. Alexander and MØ of ‘Boy is Mine’. Not bad for one concert. Throughout, the band were charming, announcing one of their upcoming birthdays, interacting, coming into the crowd, and seemed to have a genuinely good time. Olly Alexander’s sexy club-style dancing was just the cherry on top. What a blast.

[Yasmina Todd]

Image: The Guardian



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