Considering the End of the World

If a deadly virus started spreading or people started rising from the dead, what would you do? I bet you have some sort of answer, even if it’s just the person you’d abandon to be eaten by the bloodthirsty hordes so you could escape or the book you’d take into your underground bunker. We seem to be becoming increasingly obsessed with the end of humanity.I would have thought people would actively avoid being reminded of their imminent and impending doom, but, far from this, all the television shows, films, books and video games regarding the apocalypse seem to be growing in popularity.

While most people are merely fascinated with the idea of it, religious sects seem to be among the few people who actually do something about it. By do something I mean accept and wait for the end of the world, which is actually, I suppose, doing very little. Meanwhile, those that are incredibly rich decide to buy their way to safety with top-of-the-range bunkers, which I can only imagine will end badly.

Although it is rather horrible to think about, considering the apocalypse may also perform a rather important function. In doing so we have to consider our species as a whole, and so it may also cause us to question our self-importance.

However, the problem is that there is so much information being thrown at us constantly that, I believe, it’s making us more paranoid. For example, I ended up getting a vaccine for meningitis and the first thing I thought when coming out of the doctor’s was: how many people have they tested it on and are there any horrible side effects? When getting on a plane or even the subway I wonder how easily a virus would spread through the crowd infecting everyone. While it may perform an important function considering how our species will be wiped out can also in general make you a lot more paranoid.

Death and the fear of death modifies our behaviour because our survival to live outweighs all else. People want to feel secure and safe, so the idea that whatever will destroy the planet and end humankind will be for the most part uncontrollable and unpredictable, and will both fascinate and horrify people.

[Lamorna Brown]

Image: Unknown

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