Live Review: Prose

23/03 –  King Tut’s

I am not a rap fan. I never have been and until very recently, I thought I never would be. However, Prose made me reconsider all my previous assumptions about the genre. Prose are a Manchester based trio, focusing on the trials and tribulations of early childhood with storming, sometimes painfully sweet lyrics.

The size of the crowd was slightly disheartening but after being encouraged to move forward by lead singer Mike Murray, it only served to complement the intimate nature of the songs. There was not a single lull in the entire set, thanks to the varying mood and tempo of the majority of tracks.

I am still astounded at their ability to switch between thundering drums with relentless verses, to beautifully intimate moments with only acoustic guitar to accompany the nostalgic lyrics. I was mildly sceptical about the combination of folk and rap before going to the gig but the merger of the two genres never struck me as anything but utterly natural throughout the course of the set. Whilst it is not a uniquely original mixture, Prose have pulled it off successfully and in the process have created something that doesn’t sound jarring or tired and overdone.

There are a lot of folk bands around right now with songs about wistful memories of summers spent sitting around a campfire, and whilst plenty of them are great, it can get repetitive. The rapping that Prose centre their music around brings a fresh element to that folky style and still keeps it engaging.

And to top it all off, you could not find a nicer group of guys; this manifested itself on and offstage, with nothing but pure honesty and earnestness radiating from their lyrics and disposition.

It’s a yes from me.

[Aoife Maguire]


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