Album Review: Mungo’s Hifi – No Wata Down Ting

With a relaxed, easy beat and infectious rhythm which continues throughout, the unstoppable Mungo’s have done it again. Having seen them live numerous times, including this February’s show at Art School, it was obvious their newest release would be a cracker, but they still exceeded all expectations. Contained within its inviting tracklisting, which so easily lends itself to a wee dance-along, are serious messages, starting with ‘God Bless Pickney’: “Scientists and scholar, dem still no discover/ One life cannot be worth more than another.” A universal, immeasurable truth, rendered especially relevant and resonant now, during the current uncertainty, mistrust and division sweeping the world.

Although completely different in genre, the title song ‘No Wata Down Ting’ is reminiscent of Minaj’s ‘Come on A Cone’ in sentiment, declaring “We don’t want no ice cream sound/ That is too soft for me.” Some tracks, like ‘Bumpercart’, and ‘Ragamuffin’ are slightly calmer, but they still pack a punch with gentle-yet-upbeat rhythms and singalong choruses. No Wata Down Ting will impress and be enjoyed by all reggae fans; die-hard and newcomers alike.

[Alice Crook]

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