Album Review: Susanna – Triangle


Triangle consists of twenty-one songs (which makes up about 70 minutes, since Susanna likes a lot of her songs unconventionally short) of intensely expressive, sweeping music, probing lyrics, spacious electronic beats, and spirals of synth. You could call these layers of voice, electronics and effects enchanting, or you could just call it noise. Personally, I’m leaning towards the latter.

To be honest, the Norwegian Susanna is a terribly interesting artist.  She is known for personal interpretations of songs for example Joy Division, Leonard Cohen and AC/DC, and she has created her own fascinating musical expression and set up many collaborations and projects with other Norwegian and international artists. Triangle, her eleventh album, definitely shows her experience in creating unique songs and music. However, they do call for a very engaged listener. The album should feel intimate, as Susanna sings in a confessional mode and confronts existential themes, such as the reflective monologue ‘Hole’ about slipping into mental darkness. But I experience the opposite: most of the songs are so complex they feel alienating or push me away. It’s too much.

If you like Björk or other spiritual music, please give this a listen. If you’re not into that, please don’t cause yourself to suffer.

[Aike Jansen]


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