Perils of…ta-ra

So this is the end, my friend. It’s been an interesting experience. At least, it has been an interesting experience for me.

I’ve been a teetotal, a converting carnivore, an artist, a live poet, a singer, a stoner, a dissenting Catholic, and a hopeless romantic, (not all at once, that would be a bit ridiculous).

Writing this column has given me the opportunity to try entirely new things I never had the confidence to before, and I hope, in fact I believe it probably has, inspired you to try out new things too. I have interviewed bible-bashers, a naked lady, Ian McEwen (not the real one), and many others including Jehovah’s Witnesses, a functioning alcoholic, and an amateur live poet, *mentioned by name in previous column*, who unfortunately, did not allow the interviews to be published (shame on them).

I was never a particularly adventurous person pre-Perils of, but just look at me now! I’d have to say the most challenging of these were without a doubt the teetotal endeavour and the live poetry (as I am a big fan of all things beer and Baudelaire). But despite all these weird and wonderful experiences, there’s still so many things on my list:

  1. Get a nipple piercing
  2. Try a Yoga class
  3. Try a live stand-up comedy routine
  4. Try and actually stick to a society
  5. Try life modelling for myself
  6. Consume a deep-fried Mars bar

For anyone interested, I will be continuing my journey (for fear of sounding like Louis Walsh, all synonyms have suddenly escaped me), on my neglected blog, everything.borrowed – where I hope to complete my above list.

Reflecting back on my original aim, ‘my column, entitled Perils Of, observes a type of ‘postponed happiness’ our generation seems consumed with acquiring’, I think it’s safe to say, I have definitely started to live life on the edge. Yeah, I still strive but I think I don’t put as much pressure on myself these days, and just enjoy the more unusual things in life that I used to take for granted.

I am still just as nervous, and just as awkward as I was before, but much more open-minded and willing – and I have this column to thank for that. I know at times this has been very much a self-indulgent self-exploration; but I hope it has at least made for an entertaining read on a rainy Monday morning, a nice break in the crippling anxiety of financial strain, continuous assessment, missed opportunity and general self-loathing that is Student Life.

Writing is a therapeutic and sometimes exposing medium of expression, and it’s something I will continue to do long into my 80s (if I get there). I still plan on continuing my journey into the abyss of normal human social activity, in the hopes that one day I will achieve my ambition – to become Louis Theroux, or something like him. I just need a cameraman, an accomplished journalist for a father, inside ties with the BBC, timeless wit, and an arts degree from either Oxford or Cambridge.

‘I thoroughly expect to be a newly-changed and well-rounded, upstanding young citizen after this series of social experiments and personal endeavours, no less’, (Me, Perils of, Oct 2015). This fresh-faced enthusiastic premonition of the brand-spanking-new me this column was meant to produce, has left me feeling deflated and quite frankly pitiful. Still it’s not about the winning, it’s the taking part that counts (not quite sure what bearing this has on my column exactly, but it’s something Mum always said when I had done shit on Sports Day, and it’s come to fit nearly every single scenario in the 13 years since).

I feel as though I should be making some momentous, grand statement, should have reached a conclusion to my experiment, should thank my Mum or something. But ultimately, I just feel a mixture of pleasant content, mixed with a dragging, nagging realisation: this is my final column for qmunicate, and I am gutted it has come to an end. My only conclusion is this:


Thank you to my committed readers out there, (mostly my Mum, my Dad when he remembers, some of my friends, and my aunties), and thank you to my not so committed readers out there – I forgive you.

Thank you and goodnight.

[Serena Ruberto, columnist, qmunicate – @shrpixie]

RIP Perils of… Oct 2015-May 2016

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