Album Review: Gold Panda – Good Luck and Do Your Best


Gold Panda’s latest album, Good Luck And Do Your Best, can best be described as a travel journal. A delicate and accurate description of a single trip that somehow embodies all the trips you’ve ever been on and all the ones yet to come. As soon as Metal Bird starts playing, the listener becomes a traveller.

As In My Car vividly evokes the sensation of glancing at an imaginary landscape through the window of a moving vehicle, the notes of Pink and Green paint a stunning view. Throughout the whole album, the pleasure we get from the small things is translated into music with impressive precision.

The feeling of positivity and excitement is not disrupted by slightly darker tracks like Song for a Dead Friend and I am Real Punk, which manage to enhance the warmth of the second half of the album. Like when the sun comes out after days of mist and rain.

The final note of the final track, Your Good Times Are Just Beginning, brings the traveller home. But not without a burning desire to get outside and enjoy whatever life has to offer.

[Ludovica Credendino – @ludofaiga]

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