Album Review: Eliza and the Bear – S/T


At first listen, Eliza and the Bear’s eponymous debut album is emblematic of a generic indie-folk, characterised by rousing choruses and vaguely wistful lyrics: the culmination of five years’ craft and effort, the poetry-inspired whimsy of the band’s name doesn’t instantly translate to its popular indie sound.  And perhaps too much is made of the fact that they’re a group of five male friends, with no Elizas in sight.

But Eliza and the Bear are engaging nonetheless: populated with songs that are infectiously upbeat and practically demand heartfelt singalongs, it melodic assortments undoubtedly entertain even if they’re all a bit, well, similar.

Comparable to the likes of Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men, lead song ‘Friends’ encapsulates the band’s exuberant sound – and indicates positive things to come – whilst following track ‘Where Have You Been’ shimmers with summery excitement.  ‘Lion’s Heart’ and ‘Upon the North’, with their particularly stirring choruses and catchy beats, stand out; although the middle of the album – especially the duller ‘Light Me Up’ – relies too heavily upon the staider aspects of the genre, their debut is nevertheless promising.

[Rachel Walker]

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