Album Review: Glass Mountain – Glacial EP


Releasing a just short of 7 minute-long single to accompany your debut EP is not easy, but Glass Mountain pull it off – brilliantly. The lead track’s video is simple and captivating, featuring paint in three colours that remind me of David Hockney’s swimming pool paintings. This is probably not accidental, since the young band from Bradford take their name from an etching by Hockney.

Taken together, this shows the ambition of a band formed only a year ago. Their sound is mature: a passionate intermingling of different forms of alternative and indie rock. Their songs are honest, with prominent but gentle guitarlines and a layering of multiple voices. Even the much smaller ‘Home in the Weather’ isn’t overpowered, its poetic lyrics combining well with the musical tenderness of the rest of the album.

Glacial EP is easy to listen to but not simple: the complex arrangement display an indefinite attention to detail, even when they sound subtle. An outstanding debut that makes me eager to see what Glass Mountain are going to create in the future.

[Aike Jansen]


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