Live Review: James

SSE Hydro – 19/05

I have never been as excited for a gig as I was to see James at the Hydro. The band was formed in Manchester in the 1980s, and are currently on a tour promoting their 14th album ‘Girl at the End of the World’, written in Scotland. Their performance at the Hydro flowed perfectly: a mix of old and new songs which remind fans how they have evolved whilst maintaining the band’s character. Starting off with the more mellow ‘Out to Get You’ the band managed to find the perfect line-up and were enthusiastic with every song, finishing the encore with masses of confetti and ‘Nothing but Love’ for the audience.

A moment of confusion between band members about what song was up next showed the audience how professional and fun the band can be, and seeing this side of their personality out with the music made seeing them for me even better. Tim Booth’s dancing was also fantastic. Seeing them perform live, you can really see how much the band love their fans, as they never hesitate to get up close and personal, and Glasgow was no exception. A lot of time was spent by Booth up on the barricade being held up by excited fans while he sang, and walking through the balcony during the encore. There was even some crowd surfing. There is nothing fake with this band; they are genuine both in their songs and in their personality.

Supporting was Jack Savoretti, a high energy set which provided the perfect opening for James. I hadn’t heard of him before, but I am so glad I got this opportunity to see him, and he has gained a fan in me.

For anyone reading this who hasn’t heard of James, I would highly recommend checking out their music. Their newer stuff has a slightly different sound than their older work, but it is just as fantastic. Their live performances manage to be even better than their recorded ones, which is not always expected in the music industry. This will be a gig that I will never forget.

[Rachel Gillett –@DoddlePink]

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