Men Fake Orgasms Too?!

Ladies, we’ve all been there. Maybe the mood isn’t quite right, or you’re a bit tired. Perhaps he’s not as hot as you thought he was up close, and you’d like to give him the signal to, you know, wrap it up and get the hell out of your bed so you can pretend it never happened. So with a scrunched up face and a few pants later, it should be all over. You’ve faked an orgasm. It’s a fact of life – something we girls just need to do, sometimes.

Except, it now appears that this is no longer an experience exclusive to one party in the bedroom. Research from the University du Quebec a Montreal has revealed that men are now the main culprits for faking orgasms, with all 230 participants in the survey claiming they had done the misdeed in at least one previous sexual encounter. From questioning the male participants between the ages of nineteen and thirty, the researchers discovered that men fake orgasms as much as one in every four times they have sex. Notably, there is nothing said on how they feign the… ‘evidence’ of doing so.

When quizzed on their motives for feigning orgasms, explanations included “supporting a partner’s emotional wellbeing, because one was intoxicated, having undesired sex, or out of desire to improve the quality of the sexual encounter”. The most common time for faking sexual satisfaction was generally through vaginal sex, but could additionally occur through anal sex, manual stimulation and – curiously enough – oral sex.

Confused by the, er, logistics of this event? Suddenly questioning the sincerity of every sexual encounter you’ve ever had? Given such news, that is somewhat understandable. But perhaps it’s also a good time to remember that communication in the bedroom is key. If you’re unsatisfied to the point of mustering all your energy into convincingly faking an orgasm, let your partner know what they can do to actually get you there. Similarly, if you’re not “lost” in the moment so much as you are “uselessly stuck” in it, it’s okay to just be honest, and just ask for a spoon instead.

[Floraidh Clement – @FloraidhCC]

Image: Huffington Post

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