Film Review – Captain America: Civil War

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Captain America: Civil War is nothing if not value for money. Over the past five years eight films featuring Cap and friends have appeared in annual top 25 highest-grossing films lists, in total making over $2.5 billion. In its 2.5 hour runtime you’re experiencing a billion dollars’ worth of entertainment every hour. Try getting that from a book!

Unfathomable economics aside, CACWAR is an incredible film. It crams a lot of content into a relatively short amount of time while never feeling like it tries to do too much. It spends enough time on each character to give them all some sense of development, but without boring the audience, and is even helpful for catching up newcomers to the Marvel Universe.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Civil War addresses the question every superhero naysayer has ever asked: “Why don’t the Avengers get into shit for destroying half of New York city?” This is a theme which has been touched on slightly in the Marvel television series but never in any of the feature length works.

Marvel is now hitting its stride by realising that comic book adaptations can be ideologically complex as the source material. Civil War is more than just good versus evil, it’s about more difficult ethical issues and the potential for absolute power to become corrupt. But it’s still got dudes in tight clothes beating each other up, which is always good.

In addition to being more thematically interesting, it’s a lot of fun. Seeing what would happen in a fight between Captain America and Iron Man is terrific, and seeing how the characters interact outside of combat is a joy with a script that is genuinely funny. It’s a good mix of solemn stony-faced action plot and lighthearted entertainment.

The first Avengers movie gave audiences their fill of tightly choreographed sequences of our beloved heroes taking out hordes of baddies, so making them fight amongst themselves is the best way to up the ante. The only question is where do they go now?

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