The Wonders of Women’s Bathrooms

Everyone that’s ever used a women’s bathroom in a club knows that drunk girls in the bathroom are the absolute best. Sorry men’s-bathroom-users, you’re really missing out – and I’m here to tell you why.

Girls’ bathrooms on a night out are safe-havens, full of compliments and smiles. There’s no other place in club where you can find this level of instant friendship and support – not even the smoking area, guys. Needing a pick-me-up after several hours of sweaty dancing and drinking? Have no fear; the girls’ bathroom is here for you! Endless numbers of potential new pals stream through the doors, on hand to lend you some lippie, tell you your dress looks AMAZING or pass you some loo roll under the bathroom door when you realise – mid-pee – that your cubicle has run out.

People are always talking about girl power in the workplace, in fashion and on the street but what about the humble nightclub bathroom? Yeah, the loos in Viper (RIP) might have left much to be desired in terms of décor, but what they lacked in ambience, they made up for in friendship. Club toilets are a place of female solidarity, a place where Alice – or was it Alex? (You asked her three times but still didn’t hear her properly) – will hold your hand and wipe away your smudged mascara whilst singing you a song; where Lucy will warn all of you about the creepy guy in the red hat whose been following her around all night; and where Hannah will give you chewing gum and a hug after you’ve thrown up those 6 vodka cokes and 4 VKs (and possibly some tequila, but you’re not sure).

My point is, the girls’ bathrooms in a club are, without a doubt, the best part of going on a night out. They’re full of girls doing what girls do best: looking after each other, complimenting each other and making friends (even if it’s only till you lose each other on the dance floor two minutes later). People laugh at drunk girls and say we can’t handle ourselves – which, let’s be honest, might be true – but in those times, the women’s bathroom will always be there for us.

[Chloe Tobin-Kemmer – @CTobinKemmer]

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