An Ode to Friendship


With so many people I know pre-occupied with finding “The One” during their time at University, I wonder if we are all sometimes a little guilty of overlooking the importance of another bond. I’m talking about that of platonic love. I’m talking about your mates. Pals. BFFs.  Love between friends, I think, is actually the most beautiful and sincerely unselfish connection in the whole world. So yeah, while I may still be perplexed by how anyone makes a long-term romance last, this is okay with me, because I do truly believe that your friends can be so much more than those people you go out clubbing with sometimes. Rather, your friends really can be your soulmates. So, I think it’s time we removed “love” from this romantic pedestal it’s been put upon, and devoted as much time, effort and care into nurturing our friendly relations.

So, let’s all write sonnets to our friends! Let’s serenade our pals and let them know how much they make us glad to be alive! Anyone who knows me knows I am ready to proclaim my love for my friends from the rooftops. For they have laughed with me and cried with me. They have hugged me in times of joy and sang Abba to me to cheer me up in times of sorrow. Long walks, midnight “secret swapping” hours, spooning, existential discussions; reflecting on my uni experience so far, I can now say that rather than complementing my romantic relationships, my friendships have had the full force of romantic relationships themselves. And this is so cool, and makes me feel so lucky every single day.

I suppose this reflection on the intensity and importance of friendship is a consequence of the realisation that all too soon, graduation will come for us all. Soon, we will all be scattered around the world, flung in at the deep end of our “adult” lives. Much like a long-distance romantic relationship, there’s that pervasive fear that our friends will drift off, change too much, or find others who will replace us.

But, then I think of myself and one of my best pals, so close that someone once seriously asked us if we were a couple. We both laughed a lot, but I think maybe that’s the secret –  if the rest of the world thinks you and your platonic pal are madly in love and ready to elope to Mexico together, then you’re probably doing it right. You’ll probably last the distance, because true friendship never dies.

[Alice Lannon]

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