News: GUCFS Skydive to Raise Money for SAMH

Three committee members of the GU Charity Fashion Show are taking part in a tandem skydive to raise money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) on the 27th of August. Raphaella Gordon-Saker, Nicole Baxter & Jocelyn Gilmour will be jumping from 10,000 feet somewhere over St Andrews in a fundraising bid for their partnered charity.

SAMH works to support those with mental health issues, from suicide prevention to employment initiatives. They also run community support services throughout Scotland. As well as donations to SAMH, GUCFS aim to reduce the stigma around mental health and raise awareness.

GUCFS President Autumn Withey- Stevens says “This is a cause incredibly close to my heart and those of the other committee members; it is something that has affected all of us and the people that we love. My aim over the course of this year is not just to raise a considerable financial donation for SAMH; but to raise awareness and try to help reduce the stigma and discrimination that is so often attached to mental ill-health.”

[Louise Wylie – @WomanPendulum]

To sponsor the jumpers, go to:

Nicole –

Raphaella –

Jocelyn –

Image: SAMH

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