Supporting SAMH during Freshers’ Week – Campaigns & Charities Committee at the Queen Margaret Union

Freshers’ week has become a rite of passage for students – almost as important as actually starting university and arguably more so. It’s a week of non-stop chaos, with events on all corners of campus. This year, as we do every year, the Queen Margaret Union will aim to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity: this Freshers’ week, it’s the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

SAMH works to create a society supporting wellbeing for all, with a society that allows all people to live their lives fully. Their community based services provide vital support and encouragement to those facing problems or recovering from illness, as well as their friends and families. Supporting over 3000 people daily across Scotland, they also run invaluable support groups for people dealing with distressing thoughts, provide resources regarding suicide awareness, and also bereavement support for friends and families after suicide. At the moment, they’re campaigning for better mental health services, and seeking to create a ‘Mental Health Charter for Sport’. Their work is endless, and so very necessary – when one in four of us will face a mental health problem, every penny really will help.

So, now you know about them, you’re wondering how you can support them. This is where the QMU comes in! The Charity and Campaigns Committee (C&C) nominated eight wonderful charities for freshers’ helpers to vote on, and SAMH was the winner. C&C are running a host of daytime fundraisers, including a Scavenger Hunt (Sunday 11th, 1pm, Champions’ Bar), a Swap Shop (Wednesday 14th, 11am onwards, Qudos), and a Morning Rave for the early risers (Thursday 15th, 10am, Qudos)! QMU freshers’ helpers will be about at all the night events, too, selling paint, glowsticks, and other fun stuff to raise as much money as we can. There’s nothing better than face paint, unless it’s face paint for charity. And even if you’re busy, or avoiding Freshers’ Week like the plague, you can always donate online.

Last year, we raised over £2500 for Glasgow Women’s Aid, and you can help us beat that – come and enjoy the most exciting week of the university year, and help us raise even more money to support SAMH’s marvellous, life-changing work!

[Amy Shimmin – @amylfc]

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